Please help me to decide on 19 colour!

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  1. Hi! I’m looking to buy the 19 in small but I’m torn between the black, dark beige and white. Black is the safe option and I know I’d get a lot of use out of it but all my bags are black, except for my LV Pochette Metis in mono. However, I will probably sell this to part-fund the 19.

    Every summer, I wish I had a light coloured bag but whenever I have bitten the bullet and bought one I’ve ended up selling it. I’m so scared of colour transfer as I wear a lot of denim. I’ve never owned a light coloured Chanel.

    Should I go for the black 19 (safe option) but not really spring/summer friendly and then get a cheaper bag in a light colour? Or just go for white or beige in the 19? Help! TIA.
  2. I’m having the exact same issue! I am leaning towards getting the Chanel 19 in black (got on a wait list today) and am eyeing a few YSL bags for the summer in light grey or beige.
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  3. Black for the 19! It is so classy. I got a WOC in pink, since I also wanted something in a color. Black is the safest bet.
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  4. I love this bag in white
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  5. @birkinbaby do you mean you got the Chanel 19 pink WOC? Was it hard to find?
  6. White!! But if you don’t want to baby the bag, definitely black.
  7. No I got the boy woc in pink. I have not seen a 19 woc in pink, although someone sent me a photo of a red 19 woc a few months ago.
  8. If you want colour but don’t want to baby it buy the navy .
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  9. I’m in the exact same boat as you, OP! Can’t decide between the black, dark beige or grey.
    I think grey and white will get done color transfer at some point because I also wear lots of denim.
    I think black or dark beige are the safest options. Black is so classy (but I have too many black bags already) and dark beige would probably look good in the summer or winter. But I’m not sure if I want to spend that much money on a colored bag as I’m not sure how easy it would be to style...
  10. I LOVE the lighter colors in this bag. The Pink, White, Light beige. I am a black bag girl through & through but I feel the HW is way too yellow on the Black. Lighter colors tone it down. Plus I don't have a light colored casual Chanel for S/S.
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  11. I agree on the Navy. I get so frustrated with color transfer - especially on a bag that is expensive. I have been focusing on my bags that I want to use as daily options and have decided Navy (or dark grey) for Spring / Summer and black (or a deep Maroon) for Fall / Winter. Otherwise its not worth the stress (ulcers, etc.) or extra wrinkles on my face. I just drool at the light colors in a price point this high.
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  12. I just got 20P dark blue and color is to die for, way better than in photos.
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  13. Is that from new collection .Can you post a pic please .tnx
  14. @birkinbaby I saw the 19 WOC yesterday in pink! I tried it on just for fun/for size but didn’t take a picture. The strap was way too long for me but it was cute.

  15. where did you see it? I saw a photo of it on Instagram, it looks gorgeous.