Please help me to decide: Gucci "Sunset" medium tote vs LV Montorgueil

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am new to TPF. I am ready to purchase a new bag within this month, but I need your opinions.

    I have two bags in my mind: the first one is Gucci Sunset medium tote from Spring 2010 collection which is priced at $1100.

    This is the bag, but in a bigger size:

    Oh! I do have another question for owners of this tote: Do the straws easily get loosed?

    Another one is LV Montorgueil PM which costs $800.

    I love the multi-color straws on that Gucci tote which is so unique, yet, I love the shape of LV Montorgueil PM which is so classic.

    So, which one will you choose and why?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if anyone on the gucci forum right now owns any of those straw bags. I only have a straw wristlet (by Coach) and the straws didn't come loose - but I also gave it away recently. The only thing is that the straw bag is very seasonal but you are right, the multicolour is very pretty and unique. It makes more of a statement than the Montorgueil. However the montorgueil can be used everyday and for every season. It's also probably a lot less maintenance except for the vachetta handles.

    I don't like LV that much except for their leather lines but in this case, I would prefer the montorgueil because personally I don't have much use for a straw bag and the montorgueil would be a good everyday kind of bag. Now if it was in the multicolour gg plus canvas or guccissima leather, I would go with the gucci.
  3. hi! I'm both a Gucci lover and an LV lover and I prefer the Montorgeuil. That gucci seems more for a mature lady and the Monty i think would be fitting for a young and older person. I guess i'm kinda biased too as I have the Montorgeuil PM and i absolutely love it! it's an easy bag to carry, good for daytime, and evening, very roomy.
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    OP since this is tyhe Gucci forum many will be more familiar with the Gucci bags than the LV so perhaps you could post a link to a Montorgeuil PM.

    Love the Gucci. Even though the description states straw it's actually closer to the uncoated GG fabric, so not as hardy as coated or leather but not too bad. I couldn't see myself using a 'sunset' in Winter but I guess that's the point of a Summer bag.

    Montorgeuil PM just looks like a normal coated-canvas LV to me, which I like but nothing special KWIM.

    Out of the 2:

    I would go for the Gucci if I wanted the perfect Summer basket-shaped bag for shopping and leisure

    The LV if a all-year-round, general-purpose everyday bag.
  5. I dont personally have the straw bag, but i've seen it in the store and it's very finely braided, so it almost feels like regular material that straw. Not sure how to explain it, so hopefully you understant what I mean. Also, I think I like that bag better in "tassel" version, because the straps are finer and the tassel is just too cute :P
  6. Wow! You can read my mind! I love the bag you are talking about as well, however, it's over my budget!
  7. Oh, I know it's a little to much for me too. But honestly, there's not that much difference in price btw the two (i think like $200?). I mean, $200 is a lot, but the way I look at it, if you are already spending a small fortune on bag, whats another couple hundred to get what you really-really like. :graucho:
  8. Yup, ditto this exactly!
  9. I prefer a Gucci: 'sunset' large tote with engraved interlocking G studs, and also the straws won't easily get loosed if u use it carefully ;)
  10. I don't like this Gucci one at all...I have the LV montorgueil and I still like it and think its great.
  11. go for the LV

  12. I just change my mind and would like to add Sukey Medium tote in guccissima leather and Jockey Medium Hobo in my wishlist. So, with these three bags, which one would you prefer and why?
  13. I would prefer Sukey Medium tote in guccissima leather. It'easy to match clothing.
  14. Oooh, Sukey GUCCISSIMA all the way!
  15. thanks for your response. what if the hobo I am looking for is also made in guccissima leather? I actually love both the tote and the hobo. Which one will you prefer then?

    link for the hobo in leather: