Please help me to decide between MJ Hudson and YSL Muse.

  1. I've been strugling with a decision for more than a month now:hysteric: I can't decide which bag I like better. I like them both but unfortunately getting both is not an option. Please, vote which bag you like better MJ Hudson (probably in Chili) or YSL Muse (something in brown):


  2. I can't choose, I like both; MJ's Hudson looks similar to YSL's Muse to some of us. They are made with very nice and durable leather, the styles are just very sharp.
    1) Is weigh a factor? Muse is lighter than Hudson.
    2) Do you want a bag with compartments?
    3) Roll or flat leather handles?

    BTW, MJ boutiques have the fully leather lined version of Hudson (all 3 compartments are lined with leather); Chili/Black/DkBrown (from Fall 2006) are completely sold out in their company though. Hudson is back by popular demand for Spring 2007 in 7 colors, it's only available at MJ boutiques.
  3. Hudson hands down! I have the dark brown hudson and the ivory muse.The quality of the hudson blows the muse away. The leather is beautiful on the hudson and the details and style in person are amazing. I like my muse but feel I have to be careful with it, not because of the color, but the quality. A stitch came loose on the first use. When my hudson came in the mail,From net-a-porter,I was more excited about it than I had been about a bag in a long time.I get alot more compliments on my hudson.Hope this helps.Good luck.The chili hudson is beautiful.
  4. Hudson for sure. I think the Muse is kinda ordinary looking, there isn't anything eyecatching about it, though the leather looks nice.
  5. Hudson for sure...I saw one IRL and it was to die for...I'm tempted to get the brown one with black is stunning!
  6. Thank you so much for the info! :idea:
  7. Ha ha.. this is the wrong place to post this question, because most of us will certainly be biased! My vote goes for the Hudson too, it seems like it has more character.
  8. LOL, I realized that..... and I posted the same question on YSL board. ;)
    I think my head will explode, I am so indecisive:s
  9. Did they all say the YSL bag? Maybe you should try posting in the handbag forum for less biased answers? I still think the MJ rules, esp if you get the leather lined interior from the MJ boutique... and there's a great new color out, called Military. Breathtaking, really!
  10. Thanks, Thithi, for advice. I posted the question on handbag forum. :smile:
  11. I'm gonna go against my MJ pals here and vote for the Muse. I love it, and I prefer it over the Hudson bc I think it's more sleek. :smile: Sorry MJ gods!
  12. i think the hudson looks better, but im sure that big of a bag is prob. really heavy! and it looks like the muse will fit on your shoulder better...but if it were me i'd still go for the hudson, that military color thithi said is TDF!!!
  13. Another vote here for the Hudson. I just think it's a more interesting design. I didn't think much of it until I saw a girl carrying it a few weeks ago on the street and I realized then just how stunning it is. I've seen the Muse around as well as it's just not as much of a head-turner (IMO).
  14. Definitely the Hudson! Don't forget to let us know what you decide!