Please help me to decide between LV Neonoe vs LV Siena

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  1. Hi All,

    I do own a LV Neonoe, but if there is an option between Neonoe and Siena which one do you prefer? I dint get to see Siena as it was not available in any store here, so opted for Nenoe. How ever i received a msg from SA now that Siena is available. So want to know if it makes sense to exchange. How different is turenne from siena? From pics i can only make out that Turenne is mono and Siena is Damier ebene. Kindly let me know your preferences among these two (Neonoe and Siena) and also the reasons for the same. Thank You
  2. I love the sienna more just lays on the body better. Plus u have an option for hand carry. The neo is great but when crossbody it sticks out and I Never see anyone carrying it that way prob because if that. Plus the middle compartment isnt sewn down so people say stuff slides underneath it which can be annoying.
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  3. The Siena for sure. That is my most used bag these days. It’s light and comfy. I love that bag.
  4. They are both lovely bags. Good luck in your decision.
  5. I prefer the Siena because it has a slimmer shape . I don’t really like bags that are bulky looking. Also I prefer the zipper closure.
  6. Neonoe because to me it’s simply stunning! Ofcourse it does work out for my needs but also esthetically it’s beautiful and unique!
  7. Siena for me. I have the Neonoe and it isn’t comfortable to carry, the inside is awkward with the middle pocket, and it seems like it can’t decide if it’s a soft or structured bag. It’s just all around awkward for me, unfortunately.
  8. Siena! So feminine and classic-looking. The Neonoe feels very trendy to me.
  9. Siena! I have it and love it. I love the pleat on the front and it’s love maintenance and it’s DE. Turenne would be too hard to look after, and when you come the shape of the turenne and Siena, the Siena looks much better in my opinion. Between the Neonoe and Siena, still Siena as it’s a compact design, feminine, classic and has a zip closure so excellent security wise.
  10. NOE for me! But then again that is because I love my NeoNoe and don’t own a Siena. Also my 1st brand bag (and the start of my obsession) was a leather drawstring Dooney and Bourke given to me by mom in the 3rd grade. I wish I still had it ❤️
  11. Siena
  12. Siena too
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  13. I vote for the Siena too. I don’t like the idea of the canvas on the NeoNoe, exposed if you will. The canvas should be topped off with vachetta/leather or a zipper so to protect it from cracking or problems.
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  14. Have you decided on which handbag your getting? I'm having a difficult time deciding between the Siena MM and Turenne PM. Love them both.
  15. Neonoe! I think the Siena looks a bit like it has a vagina on the front because of how the canvas comes together. Very childish, but I can't unsee it :huh: