please help me to decide a wallet

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen!! Need some help here!

    I am thinking to get myself second bv wallet, but I am having some difficult time to decide.

    Please help me out to decide! Thanks in advance!!:smile:




    *I bought my first one in italy few months ago. It was the ziparound one that show on BV website. Although it lists on the mens accessories section, but it kinda girly or maybe the color is white. and the wallet been sitting in drawer ever since

    Why I bought it? Because the Italian SA said “oh nutfully (lovely), it looks grrey (great) on you. So I was convinced.....
  2. CX827, just to confirm, are the wallets in your pics ones you already own, or are they your choices?
  3. raz96 those are in my choices.
    those are very close in price range and i am having some difficult times to make the decision.

  4. CX827, they are all very similiar, i quite like #1, however maybe it might be a bit bulky.
    i really like the style of #2, but i am not 100% about the chain.although it could be quite handy.
    so that leaves #3, which is a pretty good mix of them all. personally that would be my choice!!!
    not too much help, i know, but i tried really hard!!:confused1:
  5. For wallets, I'm all about practicality. In this case, the outsides are virtually identical, so basing my opinion solely on practicality isn't too dogmatic.

    I assume that you're going to be carrying this wallet in your pocket, which (IMO) makes #2 too bulky. Wallet #2 is great for large bags, but I would think that you'd want something sleeker (i.e. w/o that ring) for your pocket.

    Do you frequently have to show ID that you carry in your wallet? If so, I'd get #1; otherwise, I vote #3 because it has more card slots.

    On an aesthetic point, I prefer the brown over black just because I like how brown leather ages.
  6. ami kio, you have made a very good point about ID cards. i never have to show one so the thought never even crossed my mind.
  7. Here's my take :

    In terms of colour, I like Ebano for the understated class. The grey (2nd) for more edge. Is the 1st one in Black (can't quite tell from the pic) - a 'lil boring if so.

    In terms of design, I like simple style and clean lines. So the 1st one is out (too much). Which leave the 2nd and 3rd. Agree with ami kio the chain might be cumbersome for pockets. 3rd one is fuss free.

    In short, 2nd wallet for an edgy feel, 3rd one for a classic look. Which is more your style?
  8. raz96, ami kio, ms piggy

    Thank you all. You gals did point out the pros and cons. To me those are some very pro reviews

    #1 was the last choice to me. only the size and the id card part get me interested. (the size is smaller than #2 #3

    the chain i dont normally use
    ok, always listern to the ladies when comes to fashion stuff.

    #3 in Ebano to go baby!:wlae:

  9. ^ Number 3 gets my vote too. =)
  10. cx827 - the #2 and #3 are the same wallet (one with chain, one without). If you do get #2, you can always that the chain off when you don't need it. I like #2 because is versatile (I have one in light brown). I wear it with jeans (w/ chain) and I can also clip it to a bag. Just my 2 cents. Hope I didn't confuse you :wondering:shrugs:
  11. for me no. 3 as well - for me personally the chain is not girly enough. ah, decisions....
  12. ^^ Agree with uclaboi, I like unique colours in BV - partly because BV makes some of the most awesome seasonal colours ever by a bag designer (and it would be limited to the season only) and partly due to classic colours being always available (i.e. can get it anytime).

    So, even if I like 2nd and 3rd, I'm leaning more to the 2nd.
  13. uclaboi. the one that you have just awesome. I really like the light brown color. ayeayeaye…
    is it easy to scratch the leather when taking off the chain? (btw have many awesome bags and stuff)

    bag.lover n lara0112 Thanks for the suggestions too!!:okay:

    #2 or #3...
    as ms piggy said, do i like the edgy feel or a classic look...:confused1:
  14. CX827 - if you're only going to have the wallet in your bag, get #3. Good luck! :smile: Can't wait to see you new wallet!
  15. My first choice would be #2, then #3.

    It's prolly dependent on your personal style, but I have a colleague who has the chain wallet, and he always rocks it. But we don't have a formal work dress code, so the chain wallet works for him.

    Failing that, #3 will be a safe choice - something that will age nicely, and will last you a LONG time since it's such a classic.

    So what's ya personal style like? :smile: