Please help me to choose

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  1. Hi all! first time posting in LV board.
    I am planning to buy a bag for my mother, as a token of thanking her taking care of my 2yo everyday.
    she is 5'6, 5'7, medium built, dresses casual but conservatively. she prefers a handheld bag. she had tried on a damier Alma which looks quite good on her.

    what other LV bags do you think i should look at? I am kind of out of it interms of styles now adays. thank you!!! :heart:
  2. IMO ,, the Suhali line is very classy ,, maybe a PM or MM suhali lockit in white
  3. hi welcome to lv forum
    how about something in epi line? damier alma is niiice too!!
  4. Maybe the Damier Saleya. There are several handheld Epi bags that are quite nice.
  5. thank you crjhht, bacchusgirl, saud88.

    I am totally considering epi line as well. what style do you think is classic? I think jasmine is beautiful.