Please help me to choose(urgent)

  1. Which one you will choose for the Wallet on Chain 2007? They are same style but different color (regular black or metallic silver black)? Your suggestion is really helpful coz need to purchase is today! Thanks a lot.
  2. i pick regular black
  3. i change my wallets every couple of years so i sometimes lean towards a different/unique piece. with that said, i would chose the metallic silver.
  4. I have the "reg" black,goes with everything ;) so does the metallic, but I just liked the black better.
  5. Both are pretty, but I would choose the black one too.
  6. Black....simply put is very elegant...goes with everything anytime.
  7. Another vote for the regular black one. It goes with anything and can be carried anytime of the day...
  8. I'd go for the silver. It's such a beautiful colour.