Please, help me to choose. This is my 1st Flap bag

  1. I have searched for a flap bag nearly a month but coundn't found what exacty I want....silver double chain, flat flap bag, and in smooth leather (not cavier or any phyton, croc) :confused1:

    OK yesterday...I saw a Chanel flap bag in smaller size than classic cavier flap with normally has a single chain but this one has double silver chain. The leather is smooth with little dots. I think this bag is perforated bag 2007 collection OMG! Exactly what I want. :heart:

    They come in Red, Green,white and black. Price here is 715 pounds.

    It is exactly what I want. Flap thin bag and double silver chain.

    I love the green color mostly but this is my first leather flap bag ( I got four in sport and travel line) and I want it to be classic. ( Maybe it will be the last too as it is expensive :p for me)

    Any recommendation? What color I should get?

    Thank you!

    I do like both red and green but black would be a classic.
    Please, no classic flap. I don't want those classic thick bag. Thank you!
  2. I would go with either red or black. I don't think you can go wrong with either color.:yes:
  3. Mon, I saw your reply in another thread that you don't like perforated bag. I'm a bit begin to change my mind :sweatdrop: .

    As my bag taste is rather diff from most people :lol: eg. Most people like classic Monogram LV bag but not for me. I always buy MCs and Azurs.

    and for CHANEL always bought cruise collection bags roughly price around 500-800 pounds. :shame:
  4. I think you'll get the most use out of a red or black one. The white is pretty too, but I tend to think of those mostly for spring / summer unless you live somewhere that is warm all year around.
  5. I vote for black !
  6. I vote for black, then red or white. Any classic colors you can't go wrong. That said, my first classic flap was in blue... Get the one that appeals to you the most. it's the one you're most likely to wear! Good luck!!!
  7. I think you'll get the most use out of black (unless you live in warm weather year round).
  8. i have seen the black - it is a very attractive bag esp. with the silver lining.
    Black would be classic. The red and green are more fun bags.
  9. Vicky2007 buy whichever bag appeals to you most. Don't worry about if some of us like the perf like or not. I have more "quirky" taste than classic taste so I like fun bags. If we all bought the same bags it would be pretty boring around here (LOL)!

    Get the bag that you like first before you posted here. Personally I think the red would be so much fun. Not as classic as black but you can always pull off a red bag!
  10. go with black and build from there!! I figure black is easier to match/dress up/down.
  11. i just got back from chanel and saw the perforated bags. i'd go for the white. i don't see anything wrong with wearing white during winter.
  12. I think if I only had one bag, I would go for black. My second would a white or another neutral.
  13. I'd go for black!
  14. Vicky, I agree with Maxster. Go with your personal preference, don't let yourself be swayed if it's what you really want.
  15. I'm partial to the red.