please help me to choose the wallet

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  1. Hi evrery one, I`d like to buy a LV wallet zippy in verni ,but I like both in rose pop and me to choose the colours ,please.I want to use it every single day,I love rose pop but I think its good only for summer!
  2. i prefer pomme :smile: it's very nice colour - bright but no too much
  3. pomme
  4. Rose pop
  5. rose pop!
  6. I use my red epi zippy wallet most of all so I say go for Pomme
  7. pomme
  8. I have a pomme cles and a rose pop zcp. I love them both but if I could only have one color I would say pomme
  9. I like pomme more! ;)
  10. I say pomme!
  11. Pomme has more lasting power than rose pop, which is quite seasonal, IMO.
  12. rose pop
  13. Rose pop
  14. I have the same dilemma. I love both colors equally and will eventually have to decide. Why not get something small like a cles in the Rosepop and the wallet in Pomme or vice versa. I'm thinking of doing something similar except getting the ZCP in RP and a Sarah or French purse in the Pomme. I already have a cles in the Rosepop but still want something else before it is discontinued.
  15. Pomme or Bleu Nuit ;)