Please, help me to choose Paddy color!!

  1. I've decided that my gift degree will be a Chloe Paddington, but I can't decide the's very difficult..These are my favourite colors...What do you think is the most beautiful??:confused1:
    Light taupe, Cream or Chocolate?:shrugs:
  2. I'd say blanc over cream. :heart:

    But chocolate is lovely too! :flowers:

    Taupe is quite versitile. :love:
  3. yes i prefer the blanc to the cream it is a bit yellow cream for me not too keen on the taupe I would go for the chocolate very rich colour but of course it depends if you want a light or dark coloured bag, good luck with your choice let us know :smile:
  4. Lucky you & well done! I think the Blanc is beautiful, but overall would go for the chocolate as it will go with most colors, won't show up stains (which means you would use it more, without fear of ruining it!), and looks wonderful too. Don't forget to post us some pictures when you get it!
  5. I think chocolate if it's your first as it won't get dirty and it will go with everything..
  6. BLANC! The color is drop dead gorgeous. I asked the same question when I was buying my first chloe. It was a toss up between choco and blanc. I ended up getting a choco east west zippy. The choco is def beautiful, but it just can't compare to the blanc.
  7. I have blanc and chocolate and I vote for the chocolate. The choco goes with everything and you can throw it around without worrying about it getting dirty!
  8. I would pick chocolate because I have a habit of getting my bags dirty. But which one do you think you will get the most use out of and goes with your wardrobe the best?
  9. i love chocolate the best :smile:
  10. i personally like taupe- just because i'm buying a taupe bag!!:wlae:
  11. I think cream . I love all cream-colored Paddies! They really stan out!
  12. I would go for chocolate - it goes with everything and it's such a rich deep colour. And as many of the others girls mention it does not get dirty so easily. I have chocolate and I LOVE it:love:
    But taupe is also a very pretty colour!
  13. Chocolate
  14. Chocolate brown, definitely. It's like the holy grail of Paddy colours!
  15. I own both the Vanilla (close to Cream) and the Chocolate Paddy. I love, love, love my Vanilla! But I use the Chocolate a lot more because I can fling it around and itdoesn't show dirt. So I favor the Vanilla and use it on nice days and days when I'm out without the kids, but use my Chocolate as my everyday bag.

    If you want a bag you'll use more go with the Chocolate. If you want that extra special bag go with the Cream. The cream is so beautiful!!