Please help me to choose one: Kelly35 or shoulder birkin

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  1. I am thinking to get either a green swift Kelly 35 or gold shoulder birkin.
    Please help me to pick one ? Thanks a lot!!!:heart:
  2. First of all, have you seen and tried both bags on IRL? What are you going to use the bag for?
  3. I will use it as a daily bag. I like both of them. Kelly is very classic , but not as practical as shoulder bag. I am also worried if shoulder birkin (clemence) is too heavy.
  4. Neither are good as tote bags for everyday -- do you need a bag that can carry a lot, a magazine etc?? And I agree have you seen/tried them on in person because they are vastly different.
  5. Practical-wise, I'd say shoulder Birkin is more practical than Kelly because you won't have any problem in taking things in and out the bag. But for Kelly, it can be a problem because of the single handle. You have to secure the flap to the buckle to carry it properly. When you need to take in and out the bag, you have to open and close the flap (which I find a bit irritating at times).

    Shoulder Birkin is definitely heavy because of its size. It's long (approx. 42cm) and quite shallow. Some people like it though.

    ITA with Sus that both bags are not so practical. But if you want something classic (out of the 2 bags), then you should go for Kelly Bag. You can always use the strap if you want to carry the bag on your shoulder.
  6. Which one will retain its value more in the future?
  7. I think it would be the Kelly.
  8. How come the resell value of JPG is lower than the classic birkin? I heard the wait list of the JPG is also very long.
  9. personally i dont like the shoulder birkin. i think its looks odd and out of proportion ..............i would go with a kelly. its a classic! and a 35cm is a great everyday size
  10. ^^
    Same here, not a fan of the JPG. I prefer Kelly, and don't forget Kelly has a shoulder strap too, well at least my 32 Kelly has. Dunno about 35s though, I'm pretty sure it's the same. Maybe the other ladies can shed some light into this.

  11. yes the 35's have the shoulder strap.........its kind of nice to have an optional strap.
  12. Just try them both on and decide which one *you* like. Don't buy a bag as an investment but because you love it...though I think the re-sale value will be fine on both looking at listings on eBay and different re-seller sites. Frankly, it doesn't matter if anyone else likes the bag.

    I don't personally like Kellys. I remember Kate Hudson's Kelly in Le Divorce and it just looked rigid and 80s like when carried on the strap to *me*. Some people don't like the shoulder birkin though. You have to try them out and then make up your mind. It may be the case that neither is for you so don't limit yourself to just those two--try GPs, Lindys, Bolides. Try them all on and then you can decide which is right for you and your lifestyle. Find one that works for you and have fun doing it. Good luck!!!
  13. the kelly is a bag that has grown on me, mostly because the only ones i was familiar with were the rigid kelly in smooth leathers and gold hardware, and reminded me a bit of an old lady bag. and i still only like it if it's 'mou' or if it's a funky colour/hardware combo. i also don't like smooth leathers like box - i like my leather grainy. and no gold hardware.
    i agree with you about the kelly in le divorce. i know it's a classic but i don't like the red and gold combo. and especially not in a stiff bag.
  14. Ideally, it would be nice for you to see them in person as they are soo soo different. If this is totally out of the question. You need to consider your own personal style requirements. Are you a more formal - pulled together - ladylike woman - (I'm thinking a chic little classic Chanel jacket and straight legged jeans, a pretty pump - Kelly) or a more sportif dame who might prefer a little Rick Owens leather jacket and black drainpipes over a pretty Marc Jacobs sundress? (more of a JPG Shoulder birkin kind of girl!). Of course, you can be both on different days...

    But which style - formal/classic (Kelly) or chic/sportive (JPG) speaks more loudly to you?
  15. Here is the picture of IceChick with her 35cm Blue Jean Kelly that sent me right over the moon. This is totally modern and classy. Look how fabulous she is!!! See shoulder strap dangling over the back of the bag. I wear my 32cm Kelly like this too, but now desperately need a 35cm! :nuts:


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