Please help me to choose my third(last) chanel purchase!

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  1. Hi everyone..! Currently I'm looking for a third chanel bag this year(it might be last) to add into my small chanel collection.

    These are what I've got last year:-
    1)Black Maxi Classic Flap in SHW(Lambskin)
    2)Black Medium boy in RHW(Calfskin)

    Please help me to choose these to be my last chanel bag(I might use it for shopping,night out,travel,wedding..etc):-:smile:
    1)Black Medium Classic Flap GHW(caviar)
    2)Black Medium CLassic Flap SHW(caviar)
    3)Black Gst GHW
    4)Black Classic WOC GHW

    Yes you can see that i love chanel black bags so match all my outfits perfectly! .:heart::love::cloud9::hbeat:
  2. Gst for shopping, m/l ghw for night out n weddings.
  3. 1)Black Medium Classic Flap GHW(caviar)

  4. +1
  5. Personally, I would do the classic WOC. Perfect for all of the occasions you would be using it for. Pretty as a clutch for weddings/special occasions or a night out and hands free for shopping and traveling.
  6. Black medium classic flap GHW
  7. #1 caviar ghw
  8. Black medium caviar with GHW!
  9. 5) RED lamb M/L or
    6) black lamb M/L

  10. Lol! I would like to revote then.

  11. Since you don't have GHW yet... I would go for Black Medium Classic Flap GHW (caviar).... it can go casual and formal really well... and the GHW adds the glamour to the black... either you go to farmer's market or even to a formal function.... Since you have a maxi and a boy... addition of m/l will complete your collection in my opinion! ;) Good luck my dear!!!
  12. Ha. You know I'm gonna vote for red! A Chanel red always brightens up a collection and is a great neutral!
  13. This!

    Because you NEED a smaller than maxi classic flap in your collection!
    Next would be then a red Chanel in the style you love - why not a GST?
  14. If this is going to be your third one, I'd suggest you add more color to the collection.

    It can be a bright color WOC or mini, red reissue or even the metallic reissue 224 for wedding

    I wouldn't do GST or medium flap cuz GST doesn't go with wedding and medium flap is similar in capacity with medium boy.
  15. Black medium GHW