Please...Help me to choose my first Chanel

  1. Hi :yes: ,

    I was LV Epi/Damier Girl, and I'm a real B-bag addict...
    but I think I really need to add a Chanel to my collection now...

    I want to begin with a black flap :love: (only sure of that) ...

    but I really need your help to choose :
    - The model : because I don't know the difference beetween flap / classic flap / 2.55 /2.26 etc ...
    - The size : Jumbo ??? normal ???
    - The leather : Caviar or Lambskin (maybe the bravest against scratch/scuff) ???
    - The Chains : gold or silver ???

    Could you help to choose the perfect Chanel for me please ????

    Thanks Ladies:flowers: !!!
  2. Hi:yes: , I got my very first Chanel bag last week in the boutique in Nice, I wasn't sure what bag to get either. The sales assistant's are really helpful when guiding you towards the perfect bag to suit you. I finally decided to choose the classic 2.55 in black caviar with silver chains. Since I am only 16 and generally quite rough with my bags, the sales assistant advised me to buy the caviar leather as it is a little more durable. Hope this helps! Bonne chance!

    Here is a picture of my bag,

    Medium Classic Flap (Caviar)2.55 - 1270 euros
    Medium Classic Flap (Lamb)2.55 - 1350 euros
    Jumbo Classic Flap - 1530 euros
  3. Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for your answer and pics :flowers: !!!
    I really love your bag !!!
    If the caviar is more durable, I think it's good for me !!!
    And I also think I prefer silver chains.
    (price you sent for the Jumbo, is in caviar leather ???)

    So now I'm only undecided on size on model / size:confused1: ...
    So the classic and 2.55 flap are the same ???

    And it's available in 4 sizes S/M/L/Jumbo or Jumbo is the L ???

    I've also seen an EastWest model in the Forum...What's the difference with the 2.55 ?? width ???
  4. If you're going for caviar leather, look for the Classic Flap, then you just need to chose your size. Most gals here prefer the large I think.
  5. Thank you Swankymama :flowers: !!

    I go for a black caviar classic flap 2.55 :yahoo: !!!

    I've seen a lot of bags in the library (so usefull:heart: )...and it's also my fav !!!

    For the size, I'll try the Medium/Large and the Jumbo...
    and I'll take the one that suits me the best:graucho: !!!
  6. lucky you fromparis choosing your first chanel.

    i think caviar is great if your the type to be ditzy with looking after your bag. lambskin is very pretty looking but it does need a bit more tender loving care.

    Alot of people refer to the 2.55 & classic as the same bag. i still get confused lol. go for the classic double flap 2.55 in large :biggrin:
  7. Me too I get confused with these different names...classic flap and 2.55 are the same bag ,and in france they call it "sac à rabat" I think.
    Being on a english speaking website when you go to ask in french you're like "hum ? how is it called in french ?"
    I'm so happy to see French women still passionnate about our classics like Chanel....:heart:
  8. :roflmfao: you're right mellecyn!!
    I have to speak french in the boutique !!!
    "Sac à rabat" will be usefull ;)

    Just to be sure ...
    also discover in the past threads :
    - 2 lines for the 2.55 : Classic double flap (only double ???) or re-issue
    - caviar leather is more durable than lambskin
    For the Classic Flap
    - 3 sizes : small + medium/large + jumbo
    - east west differs from the classic medium only by the length
    - chains only differs in colour (gold /silver) (no length or simple/double options ???)
    Any mistakes :shame: ????
    Please correct me if I'm wrong : I :heart: to learn !!!
  9. I am so not the expert here, but I just have to say that East West differs by the dimensions but also it has a simple flap (simple rabat), and it's a simple chain -but you can adapt the length- whereas on the classic it's a double chain that can turn into a simple one and be a long strap.
    The other major difference is also the price....;)
    So do you know which color/leather/hardware you'll be getting ?
    Will you go Rue Cambon ?
  10. I would also say the Caviar would be easier to take care of and not worry with it so much.

    Black is a good basic color to start with as it goes with everyone. I prefer the silver HW.

    I have tried on several sizes and I like the large or the jumbo. I'm 5'10" though.
  11. Thanks Mellecyn for your precisions:flowers:
    Swankymama :love: put also some great info about sizes in the "Flap library ": now everything is clear for me:yahoo: !!!
    I'm going to have a black caviar 2.55 classic double flap with silver hardware(agree with you Piperlu :yes: )...
    I'll try medium/large and Jumbo...
    and then I'll choose the size I'll prefer on me ...

    And even if I'm living at only 5 minutes of walk from a Chanel Boutique...
    I think I should maybe buy my first Chanel Bag at the rue Cambon;) !!!