Please Help Me To Choose My 1st Birkin

  1. Dear girls,

    I'm a bit tired of IT bag of every season. So, I decided to buy a bag that would last for a lifetime .. a Birkin. Since a birkin bag will cost me a fortune, I really want size and color that will last for long time ...

    Hermes Boutique in my country only have 3 options ...
    - Size 30 Togo Orange with silver hardware
    - Size 35 Togo Orange with silver hardware
    - Size 30 Togo Mocca with silver hardware
    (I don't really know exact name of the color)

    Please help choose gals ...;)
  2. Well do you like your bags larger? The 35 is more of a tote look while the 30 still retains the look of a purse a bit more. The 30 can look a bit more formal while the 35 is strictly a day bag.

    How do you fell about orange? would you wear it with what you have in your wardrobe?

    I say the 30 cm Mocha...

    However, I prefer the Birkin in a 35cm....
  3. Hello, maybe you can tell us more abt yourself, ie: height? 35 vs 30 really depends on your height and also if you like big or small bags, etc.
  4. I am an Asian woman, height around : 5' 2" (158 cm) with light complexion. I am a working mother with 2 kids, 5 years old and 1 years old. So, I think I must consider the practical side of the bag ...

    Thanks for your help ...
  5. Me too ... I love, love Birkin 35 Orange ... Do you mind to suggest me what colour of wardrobe that goes with orange birkin ? I only can imagine black and broken white ...

    Love to hear your opinion ...
  6. I think navy or dark blue, browns and tans would look great with orange. A dark green might work as well as long as it is very dark with brown undertones. The orange would be your pop of color, so your clothing should be neutral.

    I would not wear orange with red, yellow, pink,or purple.
  7. erlinawibisono, org indo yah? :p

    I think the one will suit you best is the birkin 30 orange (potiron?) :biggrin: I love cheerful colors. It makes u look younger. I'm about your height, I love size 30 best :biggrin:
  8. Orange! 30! I can imagine bright birkin for a young mother of 2 :biggrin: and 30 is just nice - size wise so it will not overwhelm you. :flowers:
  9. 35 orange for practical purposes as it is a tote. For not so practical purposes I would suggest the 30 chocolate bag but that is more a handbag.

    You can wear orange with a lot of things, I wouldn't worry about that.
  10. People may think I am crazy but I like navy blue with orange.
  11. I am Asian and 5.3". I would take a 30cm Orange Togo. I am biased cos I have a 30cm Tangerine (close to Orange).

    35cm to me can be quite heavy.
  12. Yes, I'm an Indonesian. I lived in Jakarta. Are u an Indonesian, too ?
    I love orange color .. it's so beautiful that i'm afraid start to cry .. :p Since I'm a working mother, I really afraid that my appeareance would look "too much" .. The SA lady assured me that Birkin Orange would looks just fine with almost anything ... Do you agree ??
  13. If it makes you feel better...I try to have my bag coordinate with my clothes...BUT I also feel this bag is an exception. It says LOOK AT ME!!! It doesn't always have to perfectly match. I buy the bag I love and not the bag that matches my clothes perfectly. Buy what you love and then work your looks from there. My only advice...just don't majorly clash.

    I say go with the 30...and the orange.
  14. Yup. Indon too ;) I really like colors that pops out (pink, orange, red, blue, green) on birkin/kelly bags & the colour gak pasaran :idea: Have you decided on anything yet?
  15. Hello erlinawibisono and ilovelouisvuitton

    I just been to H store at grand Hyatt today ... they are having sale now but only clothes and scarfs. Actually they have quite nice scarfs 30% off mainly in pink colour. I saw 32 white kelly sellier on their window display.

    erlina, take any size in orange ... it will look good on you.

    ilovelouisvuitton, has the H stores sales in sg started yet?