Please help me to choose a sac de jour colour!

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  1. Hello lovelies.

    I am planning to buy a nano sac de jour bag, but I am stuck in which colour I should get. I have many black blacks, therefore, was thinking about the new light pink or the grey. But then again the black is nice too. I would like something versatile that I can use every day and also for going out. Initially, I wanted the grained leather but thought the croc skin is different and stands out more.

    Thank you for your help in advance :smile: x
    Sac de jour.jpg
  2. I think the grey croc will be versatile enough to be used in different situations like you mentioned. Day to night, casual to dressy. The colour is neutral enough yet different to black. Happy choosing!
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  3. I second the grey croc vote. Not crazy enough that the black bag lover in you will struggle with pairing it, but different enough that you won't feel like you have Yet Another Black Bag. (a common affliction among us bag ladies)
  4. Is there such a thing as too many black bags?! I don’t think so :biggrin: My choice would definitely be the black!
  5. I agree, the black! It is so striking. Like a batmobile for your arm.
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  6. The black one is so stunning! Otherwise the grey looks pretty too!
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  7. Black croc. It's extremely versatile.
  8. Either black or grey croc is nice. Looks more elegant and expensive. It can be used day or night. Grained for me is a bit casual.
  9. which one did you get ... i hope the beige
  10. black!
  11. Grey croc !! b e a u t i f u l !!
  12. Gray croc, day to night ; summer to winter
  13. when i went into the store, i was quite taken with the grey. the beige seems like i would be hard to style, at least for me (weird with regular white clothes and doesn't pop enough for me against darker colors).
  14. My eye goes straight to the light pink but the grey is gorgeous too!