Please help me to choose a 28 sellier kelly

  1. I have been craving for a 28 sellier kelly in box leather. But it seems to be very hard to get a box leather bag nowadays. I am thinking about colors of rouge (vif, vermillon, garance), black, and indigo. My questions:

    1. What leather would you recommend?
    2. What combination would you recommemd?
    3. Should I wait for box until it comes back again?

    Thank you for you inputs.
  2. Box has not been discontinued, maybe your store did not order any, can you ask if they will order you one during the Podiums?

    But to answer your question:
    1. Vachee Liegee
    2. Black with either HW is gorgeous, but as I don't wear Gold, I opted for PHW.
    3. See comments above.
  3. There's a navy 28 sellier box on eBay right now for an unbeatable price by a good seller.

    Other than that: black with gold hardware. It's the ultimate classic. Any of the reds are also super.

    I asked about box being discontinued and in the boutique I visited they haven't heard anything about that.
  4. A Box Kelly 28 sellier is one of my holy grails. I've seen a few on eBay in the past few months. If you don't want to go down that route, I strongly suggest you place a SO with your SA. Personally, I love black in box. The sheen and buttery soft texture make the color look positively elegant.
  5. Thank you AirMess, Hello2703, and birkingal,

    I was told that each store could only place limited number of orders for box leather at PO. I don't know if the boutiques I have been working with are willing to place an order for me. I guess that I will have to search through resellers.
  6. I know what you mean, joy88. I'm hoping to get a black box Birkin 30 but chances are rather slim at the moment. I fear my SM will skewer me and feed me to the dogs if I were to request this.
  7. Box hasn't been discontinued, but it's definitely scarce and unavailable in certain colours.

    joy - I would recommend black with either pall or gold - either way it's a great choice. Yes I WOULD wait for boxcalf. The other combo which seems to be popular is rouge H - again with either pall or gold!

    Chocolate in box is LOVELY, too!
  8. Thank you Grands Fonds! You always give good advices. I love both rouge H and chocolate colors. Because I have a rouge H birkin and a gold kelly, I am trying to select a different color for this bag. I will wait then.
  9. I LOVEEEEE box leather... I also been wanting a chamonix too lately but havent got it so far..

    I say... black box with gold hw... or rouge h with either pall or gold hw.. Cant go wrong with these two!
  10. I see. If you already have rouge h and chocolate bags, I'd definitely suggest a black box kelly.

    Large box bags such as birkins are difficult to find, but smaller box kellys in basic colours are still available at some of the stores. When I bought my chocolate box kelly in paris this Sept, I was told that I may be able to SO for a birkin in Jan/Feb 2008. If and when you locate a box kelly, examine it very carefully under different lightings to make sure it doesn't have a veining problem. Good luck!
  11. Wait for the Box calf in either Black with Gold (you can go vintage here) or Black with Ruthenium (gives the classic bag a bit of an edge but this might be a SO?) AND Rouge H with Gold. I say you need BOTH.....LOL!!!!!
  12. Joy, I have a vermillion chevre sellier Kelly (but 25cm) and it is the perfect combo of leather and color. Do you like chevre?
  13. My SA said that smaller bags can be SOed in box; its just birkins that are off limits in box at the moment. A small kelly in box leather is stunning.
  14. There will be more Box Calf next season.
  15. ^ I can't wait.