Please help me to Check this LV shoe authentic or fake

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  1. I'd call them fake, but the auction is over.
  2. sorry, they are Fake. The stitching looks unprofessional and the "LV made in Paris" looks way wrong inside, the lettering of that is off.
  3. Hi - if you think the shoes are fake you need to make a claim with paypal.
    You need to file a claim so that Paypal freezes the seller's money and they cannot access that money until they refund you.
    You file for 'item significantly not as described'
  4. Thx . for all answer.

    I do refund money form Paypal already.

    But seller post this sms in paypal.

    From Seller: XXXXXX on 8/6/2007 19:59 PDT
    Hi!Here is your full refund,please send me back your shoes! You sent me a picture trough on e-bay,from a black shoes with purple edge...I don't know who gave you that info,that's an original shoes,but looks like they are so smart!That's a really fake shoes! Have a good day!

  5. well I would send them back. They are definitely fake, theres no doubt about that. Louis Vuitton actually never made shoes in that style and colours.

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    That cool answer.

    Thx. :okay:
  7. in the future, any questions about LV products need to be in the LV Forum's Authenticate This! sticky we provide.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.