Please help me...suicidal :(

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  1. Hi guys, I am a caucasian who had a great nose but because i was obsessed with perfection i had a rhino. it was botched, i didnt want my nose to be resected and upturned, but the surgeon upturned and shortened it.
    i had another surgery with septal cartilage, then i fell on my nose, the septal cartilage reabsorbed (but i dont think this is because of the hit)/.
    I had a tertirary rhinoplasty...This time we used rib graft and the result was great. My nose looked really nice and lonog, i could not believe it, but now it's reabsorbing! it has been 7 months......

    What can I do? I guess implant is my only option? please help me and recommedn a surgeon that is experienced in lengthening shortened noses. thanks
  2. From what I know dr. Nassif and Dubrow in LA, have really good names for their practice, professional and reasonable approach, can go even in most hopeless situations!
  3. thanks but i cannot travel to the states. Please recommend someone in Korea?
  4. What about April21? it says they specialize in contracted noses and use a special technique to keep the nose projected and lengthened, unlike my case when the cartilage dissolved/upturned...this will be my 4th surgery...
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  6. thanks, i do not need to people on suicide prevention hotlines, I've called and they are robots.
    I was jsut really upset yesterday and cannot believe the best years of my life have passed like this....I also cannot believe i had something which I wanted for two years ( a nose that looked nice and beautiful) and now will need yet another surgery.
  7. First I will start a bit with sharing my story, I had a botched rhino 4 years ago . I will skip a lot of details as it's going to be a lenghtly and depressing story. But in hindrance, I've had 3 surgeries, after my second one my nose looked so botched and short ( I am Caucasian) also under projected to the point it was on the level of my upper lip on profile view ....
    I couldn't find much info on good surgeons in Europe so naturally I thought about Korea as nose lenghtening procedures are performed there all the time.I consulted some Korean dr's an year ago, and I didn't feel like I could trust them for some reason . VIP and JK were one of them, JK told me they cannot do much about my nose :huh: .
    anyway I ended up having my third surgery with my original doctor... and surprisingly, he did lengthen and project my horrible botched nose with 4 mm. It was a lenghtly and complicated surgery , which took 4 hours, as they told me. It looked great after the swelling went down and I felt amazing for the first few months, but now, 8 months later, i am experiencing at least 40 to 50 percent resorption of the graft, and my nose is back to looking underprojected again. It was a rib graft surgery (autologous) so i have no idea why this is happening. Being suicidal in the past over my nose (my looks are very important to me....before the botched surgery I was modelling. It was a hobby and i didn't take it seriously at all, but still, something was taken away from me) this is very difficult for me now.

    I did see my original surgeon in the UK, he agreed my nose looks smaller and offered ear grafting in 4 months. But how can I trust him to perform a forth surgery? Yes, my nose now does look a bit better from the front than it did after the 2nd surgery, but why is the graft resorbing? What if he didn't place it right?

    I saw some videos April31 uploaded and of course I was very impressed. I know that I shouldn't base my view on a surgeon's skills on two or three videos , (my original surgeon who botched me the first time has only stellar AUTHENTIC ratings on realself and is a well recognized rhino specialist in the UK) BUT something just made me want to go and consult them. I think it was the fact that the Dr uses a technique which prevents the nose from contracting again, which impressed me.
    Of course I had a conversation with Brian first, who is a very charming and funny person (naturally, he is hired there to be charming :P ) . I was really stiff, serious and rigid the whole time as I hate plastic surgery clinics (after years of mental torment) and talking about my nose, as it's my worst nightmare in life. Sitting in that little room with the golden noses was kind of funny to me though, especially after watching those videos of the ladies with bad noses who Dr Kim fixed. Then Brian told me I should get a CT scan and "a handsome bachelor" as Brian called him (this was also super funny as the guy got so awkward after hearing this) lead me to the CT scan room .
    Anyway afterwards a pretty lady appeared, she spoke Korean to Brian, at some point touched my nose and continued talking ot him . I sat there feeling a bit ridiculous as she kept talking and I had no idea what she was saying. I was informed by Brian that I have something on top of my bridge which they could not identify (it turned out to be rib after Dr Kim looked at the scans)
    Then I met the Dr himself , who spoke English well enough, but Brian translated to get my point across more clearly anyway. He said my nose generally appears normal , which is true (meaning not deformed, at least this is how I understand it)
    but he agreed I need some projecting . He also said that resorption is normal and they mentioned I might have a high resorbtion rate. I felt they were professional as they didn't diss my original surgeon (something most surgeons in the UK do) or say something like "oh your nose is horrible, you definitely need work" . The Dr appeared honest and didn't promise me the moon, which is also something important. They said my nose can be projected with 3-4 mm and that some resorption will occur. (and that this is normal). Brian asked me if I lose and gain weight easily, and told me these people are more prone to resorption.
    I felt a bit uneasy after this consult, as I didn't know if my body is just rejecting the grafts, or if it's my original surgeon's mistake. I really hoped they would say it's probably my surgeon, but apparently there is no way to know for sure. I emailed Brian again , and explained how confused I am regarding the fact I've experienced almost 50 percent resporption, and he did agree this is not normal and it hasn't happened in their clinic yet.
    Anyway, Dr Kim suggested ear grafts (like my original surgeon) but I am scared they will resorb even more. Or maybe not? I then asked Brian if the Dr can do a rib graft and after he consulted with him, the answer was yes, but the surgery would cost more, which is understandable. I was a bit cheeky and offered to be a before- after model to get a discount ( i Kind of like the idea) however Brian said they "don't have any openings" at the moment.

    I've since noticed my bridge is a bit deviated, this is something that the Dr noticed as well on the CT scan, but it is not clear whether he will be fixing this or not. I feel he should, as any deviation of the rib or warping should be corrected in order to achieve a good result. However I have no information yet regarding this . I sent another email asking them about it, and Brian said I should ask Dr Kim about it personally or in the operating room. Hmmm.....
    I should definitely have another consult with them and base my decision on this, but I am leaning on having my surgery with Dr Kim. I felt they were honest with me, which is extremely important as I already mentioned....
    If anyone has had a revision with them, please message or reply to this thread! Thank you!
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  8. Thank you for your review! I am planning to go to South Korea this summer and plan on consulting with April 31 as well :smile:
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    I am still really unsure though.
    I heard Koreans value speed. Everything has to be done fast. How will I know my surgery will be performed carefully enough (if the dr values speed, he might just rush through it? ) These are questions arising in my heaed.....OF course, I am not saying Dr Kim is like that. But still, the fact Koreans are so speedy in everything worries me.
    What do you guys think?
  10. .
  11. Hi Mariana, may I know who your uk nose ps was. I met a gal here in Seoul 2 days ago who had rhino at April31 but is not happy with the short nose they gave her which makes her philtrum look long and she is waiting 6 months to get it revised at MVP for 4.5 million. I don't know which PS at April31 did her nose but when I saw it I agreed it was not good work. I had my nose done in the UK but had problems too. Before booking april31 have a consult with MVP. Dr Choi is their rhino revision specialist and Dr Seo did an amazing rhino on smitten kitten. Look up her blog.
  12. Dr Seo gave smitten kitten a nice long nose with projection. Her blog shows photos. In MVP's waiting room I saw a young girl take selfies of her new nose and her mother was with her and they were very happy. Having had 3 nose ops by 2 UK ps, I am wary that rhino is a very complicated procedure and takes time to research well but like you chose the latest uk ps based on real self reviews but then had a complication.
  13. Hi MissOrange, can you send me before and afters of "our" surgeon in private?
    Sorry I just went through all your forum posts and nowhere you mention rhinoplasty in the UK , but mostly you rave about MVP clinic, which I (as a person who frequents such forums often) find slighty suspicious : ) Do not be offended, you might be genuine, but I am quite wary around forums, especially this one ;)
  14. hi Moniquexox, yes I am genuine. I only found Korea after getting a rhino abscess and needing to be reoperated on in the UK. I found MVP through smitten kitten's posts and blog and have had 2 procedures there since May. I have messaged you the name of the UK surgeon I had but for asian noses would recommend Korea.
  15. Hello, Mariana
    I felt the need to reply to your comment on how koreans value speed. And as a Korean, i cannot deny that yes it is in our culture that we value speed in many service industries. such as food delivery, internet, and so on. But it is also in our culture to get it right at the first time thus we do not waste time re-doing it again. We also value quality so, i dont think you should be worried about the 'speed' cullture affecting the service you might get. What i advice you is to look up an agency, if you are worried about the PS, that will stand on your behalf to make sure all the PS would go as smoothly that will result as promised!
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