Please Help Me Stop Obsessing!

  1. OK, so last week I went to the Orlando Prime Outlet and bought my new baby - I love her so much :love:! Here's my predicament - #1, I am banned from any more Coach purchases for myself for the rest of the year - gifts are OK, thank goodness! #2, I've *just* started branching off into browns after being a black and red girl for years, accessories don't exactly match. I know, I'm totally OCD about this, but I just can't decide. So, on the outside she's now wearing my snowman keychain and my pear sandal keychain from last spring. On the inside I'm using this as a wallet, but I'm thinking about adding this in since the whole "wristlet as wallet" thing isn't me...the thing is, my wallet is more of a british tan color w/o the chocolate accents (should I be concerned that mine doesn't match the drilldown? purchased at TJX a couple of years ago...)
    Would it look OK??? My concern is that the colors are different, and the hardware doesn't match...why do I worry about these things??? I'm supposed to be working! :shame:

    TIA for advice...I'm already making my wishlist for the year so this should be a short term issue :upsidedown:
  2. I'd rather have a new handbag without a matching wallet than none at all! Your new ergo tote is beautiful and unless you receive a matching wallet for a gift I think your wallet your are currently using is fine.
  3. You are so right! Thank you for bringing me back to Earth! This is why I shouldn't use my work from home days - too much alone time makes me neurotic :nuts:
  4. Yes I agree, I would rather have a new bag than a matching wallet. As far as it not matching the dd. They make the chelsea zip wallets for the outlet in their own versions so that may be it
  5. Your new bag is beautiful and the wallets get expensive. I don't think they have to perfectly match, and what happens when you get another bag? It won't' match that.. and the cycle continues. If I were you, when you are ready to buy one I would get a cute wallet that you love (Coach or not) and that will match most of the bags. Done! :tup:
  6. I agree with the girls above. I'd rather have another bag than a new wallet. ;)
  7. I always wanted to be one of those girls that have a matching wallet and purse.. but always in my mind it's.. with that kind of money.. I might as well get a new purse!! Haha.. :smile:
  8. Speaking of that I have never had a wallet either but last time I had a credit and pce I went and bought the khaki/black bleecker checkbook wallet.. it does match my khaki/black carly perfectly but I also bought it because I think it matches every bag great.. brown or black and every color inbetween.. the inside magenta makes me happy and I love the tattersal lining. So I did spend a bit on it but it makes me happy because I don't have to switch wallets and I will have it for a very long time. :love:
  9. The Ergo is gorgeous on its own!! I made myself a rule not to buy designer wallets...I found that I can get affordable wallets that match my bags just as well. Coach wallets, I have to say, are pretty pricey...almost the same as some of their bags cost!! Sure, they may last a while, but I find that the wallets I buy do also. For example, I got a great all leather Fossil wallet that matches the patent trim on my Sig Stripe tote PERFECTLY for only $20! And it fits everything I need, I love it. And I have extra cash to use on bags!
  10. Maybe look for a wallet that matches from your outlet?? I just got a bleecker wallet that I had been lusting after (because I wanted it to match my black sig carly) and it was only $70 instead of $250!!! ... its worth checking out your options :yes:
  11. Before I bought this bleecker wallet I had a fossil leather checkbook wallet that was great :okay: It is still great, I just couldn't take it any longer and had to get a coach one! :p Definitely check out fossil or others, especially at the outlets! :tup:
  12. YES!!!! I only have one black wallet.
  13. I just LOVE that Ergo tote! I think with totes...A wristlet so goes with one. It's so roomy that a wristlet works with it just fine...

    I too was thinking of getting a COACH wallet. But when I think of what bag I could get for the same price...I drag my feet on the wallet. And I bought myself a Legacy Tote instead with my $$$:p So no Coach wallet coming my way anytime soon...I have considered getting maybe a patchwork number...That way it would go with so many bags...
  14. You ladies are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for all the emotional support and great ideas - I tend to get a little "tunnel vision" on this type of thing, which is just ridiculous, and shameful!!! Thank you also for the compliments on my new baby - I love her so much, and I'd rather have her than another wallet. Thank you thank you thank you!!!