Please help me spend my $$ on LV!

  1. I just can't decide! After a recent shopping spree, I am limited now to $600 and it's burning a hole in my bag! :P

    I have a Boulogne and Popincourt Haut and NO other accessories, so tempted by those first, especially the wallet.

    These are my wants in no particular order (all mono canvas):
    Eyeglass case @ $165
    Pochette cosmetic case @ $240
    Papillon 26 @ $565
    Key & Change holder @ $145
    mini monogram Digital Cover @ $390
    Koala Wallet @ $535
    Snapped Billfold Coin wallet @ $405 (2nd choice after Koala)
    Ludlow wallet @ $240 (maybe, if I don't get one of the above)
    Speedy 30 @ $585
    Antigua Cabas PM @ $500 (this is probably a future purchase and not now...)

    Should I go for the Koala? Or spend it on another bag? Or a combo of the above accessories? Help! My hubby is so sick of me asking, so I need other opinons now. :shame:
  2. Mr first choices would be the Koala wallet and the Speedy
  3. I say go for the best wallet you can get for that amount, one time, so that you will have a fab wallet for your bags and any future bag!!! Good luck!!!
  4. Eyeglass case @ $165 or Ludlow wallet @ $240
    Pochette cosmetic case @ $240

    Key & Change holder @ $145
    You'd be just a tad over.. or under
  5. I agree. You already have 2 fab bags, so get an amazing wallet to go with them.
  6. This is what I keep thinking, too... and if I get it, I'll have it hot stamped in the inside!

    But then I think "well, I could get 2-3 accessories instead of just one!"

    I swear, I'm never this indecisive! Now I'm wishing I hadn't spent so much on my last vacation so I'd have more money for LV. :nuts:
  7. Go for the speedy. that bag is classic and will stand the test of time.
  8. Hmm, tough choice here. But if I had to choose, I would go for the Speedy 30 or the cosmetic pouch/wapity, maybe something smaller...or...a Koala wallet..yum! :nuts:
  9. i would go for the pochette, it's extremely usefull for evenings out and very affortable

  10. Yes, that's true. But I think of it this way, I can save 200-300 for accessories easier than I can 600 for a wallet, so if you have two bags already, get a great wallet to go with them, then it's easier to save for the less expensive access. Good luck!!!!
  11. Yep... that's always my next thought! lol! It's easy for me to pick up an item here or there for under $200 and not feel like I just spent a LOT on something.

    Still thinking....! I appreciate the replies - thanks!
  12. I would go for the wallet since you have two LV bags already, and that's the one thing that you're missing to match your bags. Plus, maybe your husband will be so proud that you finally made a decision, and give you a little money to pick up another small accessory. :biggrin:
  13. I like the Key & Change holder @ $145
    + Snapped Billfold Coin wallet @ $405

    Its more useful and I believe it fits more. I love the Koala but it looks tiny. I have lots of cards! =) Good luck!
  14. Get the Damier Speedy for a slightly more formal looking bag, you'll get a different look and cover your hand held needs. :smile:
  15. I'd probably get the Speedy or Papillon. I love the accessories but if I had $600 to spend I'd get a bag 'cause I'm addicted like that. ;) :shame: