Please help me spend my Beauty Voucher...


Please help me spend my Beauty Voucher...

  1. facial?

  2. body massge?

  3. other? (please post ur suggestions)

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  1. Hi everyone

    My bf got me a beauty voucher for my 25th b-day, he's like "i want you to treat yourself, you're always so tense and busy, so just take a morning and get something done for yourself"
    How nice is that??? :smile:
    But I'm so confused because I've never had a facial or a body massage or my nails done - I'm a simply person (i think) :roflmfao:

    Please vote and help me decide what to do! :wlae:

    Thanking you ALL in advance! *hugs*

    ekekeke, i can see a type-o in my POLL :shame: sorry!
  2. I have one of these myself and still have no idea which to use it on... so I'm no help.

    I'd say if you've never had one or the other, then use the GC for that and treat yourself!
  3. Full body massages! They are so relaxing and sensual.
  4. Personally I would get a facial.

    But if you are alittle more stressed out than go with the massage!! :smile:

    Either way, ENJOY!! :smile:

    soooo relaxing eases stress etc
  6. This is the business I'm in. Manicure, pedicure, foot massage. Any stress you had will be GONE..... Have fun. R
  7. BUMP - vote vote vote.... comment comment comment...hehehehe!
  8. - Massage for sure!!! It'll loosen up any tension (sometimes you don't even know you're that tense until they're there and you feel how you are when you're loosened up!)

    - Then... I think whether to get a facial or your nails done depends on the place. For the facial I think it's important to see what kind of products they use. Plus - if you've never felt the need to have a facial before - it's unlikely that you need it badly or anything like that. For the nails - see what kind of services they offer that are more pampering - I'd highly recommend getting paraffin wax on your hands! They'll be super super smooth and baby soft afterwards!
  9. A little off topic but not much -

    I've discovered that my local beauty college gives very cheap manicures, pedicures, and facials. The nail services are only $8 each. I think $35 for all 3 as a package.

    I bring in my own supplies for the facial. I don't trust them to use the good stuff on my sensitive skin. The girls like using new products. Plus I bring in my own polish so I can do touch ups later.

    All 3 services include long foot/hand/facial massages. Mmmmmm
  10. any excuse for a massage is good for me! I hope you enjoy whatever you choose. Maybe a manicure....
  11. I'd go for the full body massage. It sounds so relaxing.
  12. I gave my hubby a certificate like that for a full body massage and he has been addicted ever since~!!

    you will love the massage, you will feel so pampered. enjoy~!!
  13. The massage would be heavenly. Or, I would do facial, pedicure and manicure. It's nice to take a day and it be all about YOU. Good luck and enjoy!
  14. Personally, I'd have a mani and a pedi. :yes:
  15. can you get both? full body massage then a facial to end with...I did that in was soooooo nice. I felt relaxed for few days after that too!