Please help me select my laptop

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Please help me select my new laptop.

  1. Sony VAIO

  2. HP

  3. Gateway

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  1. I am going to make this a poll of the ones that I have narrowed it down to.

    I have searched this forum and read many opinions about some of the laptops. I would like to just hear more specifics about the ones that I am considering.

    Please vote and then if you can, please tell me the pros and cons. Also, if you know anything about the customer service for that particular computer would be very helpful.

    I value all opinions on this forum, as you have been so helpful with other things. TIA

    Charles, I hope you see this. I would like to hear what you think too.
  2. Get a Mac,Pcs are virus magnets. Im getting a Mac Book soon. If you are thinking of spending 2k+ on a laptop get a MacBook Pro,its hot!
  3. delete - duplicate
  4. Cannot vote for any of them. :tdown: Sorry. :P

    (my own inside joke).
  5. I had a VAIO but then it broke after 2 years. Now I have a Mac.
  6. Yeah, i'm also goona say get a mac. It may seem more expensive but you get lots of free software and they are virtually impervois to viruses nad spyware b/c it is almost impossible to write an encryption that is mac compatible
  7. Debbie, I voted for the VAIO as many of the scientists that I worked with recommended them for being reliable. I personally have a Apple Powerbook laptop though
  8. I know someone who just ordered a Vaio and had to send it back three times because it kept crashing. Guess she got a lemon.
  9. I'm a Mac girl myself through and through.
  10. I voted for the Sony cause they're better than HP and Gateway (in terms of both technology and looks), but you should know that their service sucks (though not enough to get a HP or Gateway)! Sony's screens are usually much better than other laptops too.

    Good luck choosing one!
  11. I'm on my second Vaio and love it.
  12. ive never gotten anything but vaios and the quality is really hit-or-miss.......they are quite fragile, imo. the one i'm using now, i bought it because it was too sexy to resist - sleek, super thin, all black - and i paid almost 3k for it when it first came out, but after like a year or two now, the fan is just so frickin' loud and random things keep going wrong with it. same things have happened to my old vaio laptops. i'm now looking for a new laptop and definitely staying away from vaios, which is totally hard to do because imo they make the sleekest most gorgeous laptops out there...
  13. Vaio everytime - The screen is awesome. Had mine 2 years now and no trouble at all.
  14. Apple just released the new Macbooks(with faster speeds), so I would suggest that. But if it's only from that list, I would go with the Sony. Good luck!
  15. I'm getting a Mac this summer. With all the viruses and spyware I get on my PC, I feel like Mac really is the way to go now.

    That being said my current laptop is a Compaq/HP, and I've had it for 4 years. It's served me well, not a lot of trouble, but it does seem to be a magnet for viruses and spyware.