Please help me replace my Sig Stripe tote!

  1. Hi Coach ladies, I was hoping that you could give me some advice on my next Coach purchase. Right now I am carrying my beloved Sig Stripe Tote (medium size, in vermillion I think, the orangey stripe) every single day - my poor leather Coach bags are practically ignored! I've honestly never liked or used a bag as much as that tote - it's the perfect bag for me. The only problem is that all this use is destroying my poor baby :crybaby: ! She's getting frayed at the bottom corners and is sporting several spots on her tan jacquard fabric that baby wipes and the Coach cleaner can't get out. I'm having to face the fact that the tote just isn't sturdy enough for the sort of use I'm putting it through.

    So I'm looking to get a replacement in leather or a sturdier fabric. I'd like it to still be an open tote though and relatively light (ie lacking chunky hardware). And I'd like to be able to wear it over my shoulder. I don't want to go much smaller either (I've tried the gallery totes, they are too small for me). I'm asking you ladies because you've probably been to a Coach retail store more recently than myself! Any suggestions? Color is negotiable, but I'd rather not have white. Price is sorta negotiable too - if it's in the $300 range I'll probably order it within the next week, but if it's a little more I'll have to wait for good old Uncle Sam to pony up my tax return! I just want a tote that will stand up to a year or two of frequent use.

    Please post any suggestions, and if there's a matching accessory or two I shouldn't pass up, let me know :graucho:

    Thank you in advance!!
  2. How about the multifunction hamptons weekend tote?

    I LOVE it .. (mine should be delivered to me thursday or friday).. the fabric seems really durable.. and water resistant, too. There's a pad with it so you can use it for a laptop bag.. AND it has a shoulder strap too.. I can't say enough about it.. it's awesome.
  3. Ooh, this is super cute, and I do have a laptop that I haul around a fair amount. I have to keep this one in mind...would you mind letting me know how it works out for you?

    I glanced over the large ergo totes too, I like those as well. My fav is the turquoise, but I'm sort of afraid I won't have enough clothing to wear with it. Plus my fall/winter coat is bright blue too. I'll have to search the forum and see how people like those.
  4. I'll post pictures when it arrives...
  5. Also think about the shoulder tote. I have a signature one that has a leather on the bottom so it holds up a little better when you knock it around all the time. I like the single strap too. It is very comfortable and lightweight. You can get them in all leather too and they are still lightweight because they have almost no hardware to weight them down. Just a thought.

  6. Actually the multifunction is black and has some really pretty blue trim (the handles, and hang tag) so it would probably look fabulous with your blue coat!
  7. i was just about to suggest that. the shoulder totes come in a lot of different versions, and it's SO light. my mom has it and loves it. it's really similar to the medium sig stripe tote in a lot of ways.
  8. I definately agree with finzup!!!
  9. How about the canvas Carly?
  10. Hi!

    I really love my leather Ali shoulder bag but find that the leather and hardware can be heavy after awhile, so I always revert back to my shoulder tote or hobo. I signature fabric is lightweight and great for all around use, and the shoulder totes seem to be pretty durable, especially with the leather bottoms. Hope that helps!:jammin: :jammin:
  11. I have the shoulder tote in camel leather. It's a great everyday bag - very light and holds a ton.
  12. Here's another vote for the shoulder tote!! I don't have one, but tried one on and it's a very nice lightweight and comfortable bag.