Please help me pick!!

  1. OK so I am stuck! I just ordered these off Saks sale.
    I love Giuseppe Zanotti's they are very comfortable and I already own one pair. I have No colored shoes at all so this is why I got excited once seeing this color!

    I bought these on sale for $341+tax.

    I just came across these on eBay!
    I love Christian Louboutin they are very sexy heels and I already own 2 pairs.
    These are selling for $555 and no tax.

    Both free shipping.

    Just so you know most of my shoes are black.

    Please do not choose based on brand. I know most ladies here love Louboutins and will without a doubt choose the red bottoms! But I like both equally. And I can only have one at the moment. :sad: I wish I could buy both but thats not a smart choice right now as this is my birthday money and I am also buying a YSL Belle De Jour clutch. I am also planning on wearing these heels for my bday:smile:

    THANKS !!! I really appreciate the help!
  2. I prefer the CLs (I don't like the way the peeptoe is cut out on the GZs), I like the style better and they say birthday shoe to me more than the GZs :smile: Though I can imagine plenty more outfits with it. Have a lovely birthday and enjoy your shoes (whichever you choose!).
  3. I would say which ever you think you will get most pleasure and time out of wearing. Plus at least with ordering from Saks you have assurance they are authentic, it can be so hard to tell on eBay.

    Both lovely pairs either way!
  4. I like the GZ's, but I really like colored shoes!
  5. I'm a sucker for orange shoes!
  6. I find slingbacks to be easier to wear than d'orsays - which must be a perfect fit, otherwise you're falling out of them all the time...
  7. Thank you Ladies! I think I am going to wear a off white dress too so either one of these shoes would work...Still undecided tho ..urgh
  8. It's a coral color which I think is like orange red. Do you have any shoes this color?? What do you usually wear them with?? Thank you so much:smile:
  9. No, I don't have any yet. I've been looking at suede sandals and more muted leather sandals, and came to the conclusion that they were close enough to my skin tone to go with a lot of things. The patent might be a little tougher to style, but I would think you could wear them with any neutral (other than black) as long as the dressy-ness of the shoe doesn't overpower the outfit.

    Now you are making me want some coral nail polish! :p
  10. I prefer the GZs.
  11. the shiny red GZ stood out to me more! i love louboutin but am indifferent to those heels..only if you really love them
  12. I say the CL's, they will match more and they will probably be easier to walk in :smile: Non biased opinion here as well, since I own neither brand!
  13. guhhh... both are not my fav styles, but out of the two, I'd say keep the GZ shoes!

    The CL Volpi is VERY difficult to wear and provides no structural support at all. Given the 150 height as well with the unstable vamp, your risk of falling is really high....
  14. I say GZ, they look a shoe you would get more wear of in terms of practical outfits etc.
  15. I say CL but I'm bias. Anyhow, I don't like slingbacks because they always stretch regardless it has a buckle.