Please help me pick...

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  1. After a month of going through this sight.. i have finally decided on 2 black bags to choose from.. i've always been an LV girl just because it was safe and i didn't know much about other bags in general.. but this sight has def. done a number on me..

    I'm deciding on either the Balenciaga Black City with GGH (although i'm wondering if maybe i should stick with the reg hardware seeing that maybe the GGH will go out of style soon?) or Chanel "jessica alba" soft n chain in black... what do i do???

    Please help!! Thanks ladies!
  2. You're asking the Chanel forum! The answer is probably going to be overwhelmingly Chanel!
  3. I was just about go post it in the other forum as well.. i just wanted to hear the good and the bag.. but i did notice that it seemed a lot of the Chanel owners also had Balenciaga bags?
  4. :tup:
  5. Definitely! Although I have posted LV or Chanel questions on LV and Chanel always wins! Anyway, I vote soft and chain in this case.