please help me pick!

  1. My wonderful hubby said he will buy me a Legacy shoulder bag for Mother's Day/ Graduation!!!! :yahoo:

    Now I have to pick if I want Pond, Whiskey, or White.

    I went to the Coach Boutique and asked if I could order the Pond one and they said yes, I don't know the availability of the white one....

    I Really like the pond... I think the whiskey would be more practical and the white one is very pretty but would only be good for summer.

    Those of you with Pond, do you wear it only if you are wearing blue? Do you use it often?

    I don't really wear much blue, but I love the color of the Pond bag!

  2. I wouldn't think you should only wear pond with blue clothes. Wear it with anything you want! Blue could be considered a neutral I think. *L* Especially if you love it. Pond is a gorgeous color and I think it would go just fine with anything.
  3. I don't own the pond but I have seen it in person and it's beautiful. I would think it goes with most colors. Do you ever go outside and think the beautiful blue sky doesn't look good with the other colors out there? NO!! If you really love it get it because it may not be around forever. Whiskey is a classic and should always be around. White is beautiful but definitely limited.
  4. In my opinion, the Pond color will easily go with black, brown or any neutral clothing (khaki, white, grey, etc.). It will also coordinate with some blues and greens. If you like the pond, it might be far more versatile than you think!

    I think white Legacy bags are gorgeous, but I agree about them being limited in season. They will coordinate with winter white better than most, though, because of the dark edges of the leather and because they are not stark white.

    Whiskey is a gorgeous color and it is easy to view it as the most practical. However, in all honesty, the color you really LOVE will always be the most practical because you will find ways to wear it. I really think that you have to get the bag in the color that really calls to you, otherwise you will regret it.
  5. Let me preface my post by telling you that legacy pieces that I own (in order of purchase):
    *Black Ali
    *Pond shoulder bag
    *Whiskey Mandy
    *Brown Ali

    I concur with HauteMama, the Pond goes with black, brown and other neutral colors. I don't wear any blue and I probably wouldn't wear the pond with blue, it would be TOO MUCH blue, kwim?
    Here are some of my thoughts. I like the Pond. It is beautiful. But it is more of an aqua or turquoise color. (I thought it would be baby blue.) White is fabulous, but like you said more of a summer (and spring) color. Black is good too. Classic. But I feel that the legacy bags, the styles, the vintage feel, the leather, is best expressed in the Brown and the Whiskey colors. Ultimately it is your bag. What will you actually carry the most? LOVE the most? Be sure to post pictures of bag you choose!
  6. Have you considered the rose?? It's beautiful.
  7. I'd say Pond
  8. I own the pond legacy shoulder and wear it with everything. I never get tired of looking at it. I glance at it every now and then at work and smile a little bit. It's that nice. Trust me you won't be disappointed with the pond.
  9. I have the shoulders in Whiskey and Black. Love them both. I am a bit anti-color thought - so pond is a bit of a stretch for me. I love the whiskey when I wear my jeans - love it.
  10. I would say Pond of Black.
  11. I love the Pond! Adore it!!! My second choice would be the Whisky.
  12. I own a whiskey and pond shoulder bag and I love both. They are both favs of mine, but I do have a soft spot for the pond - it's just a beautiful color that makes me smile and it's a lot more neutral than you might think. I've worn it with pretty much everything and I LOVE how it brightens true neutrals (browns, khakis, etc.). I do love the whiskey and it ages beautifully, but in the end, it is a shade of brown and it might not "do it' for you if you're looking for something with a splash of color. The only reason I'd steer clear of the white would be for maintenance (dye transference) and seasonal issues (and I thought I remember reading someone's post about the white legacies yellowing a bit, but I could be off about that one).

    As HauteMama said, the one you absolutely love is the one you should get - otherwise, you'll probably always feel like you missed out.
  13. I LOOVE my pond shoulder bag, and I wear it no matter what I'm wearing. Blue, pink, orange, you name it..I'll still wear the pond bag with it. It's just a beautiful bag, and like finzup, will make me smile when I look at it :yes:
  14. I say pond. I have a leather hobo in a similar color and It also looks awesome with shades of red too. It really pops as they say !
  15. I am all about the whiskey! I do like the pond too.