Please HELP me pick! Violette OR Cassis?


Which do you like BEST?

  1. Sunset Blvd in VIOLETTE

  2. Montaigne Clutch in CASSIS

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  1. Okay, I really should get just one ... yes I LVoe:love: both but I'm trying discipline and self-control (yeah, right!):graucho: Besides I have others I gotta get ... LOL!

    So if you were me, and I know most of you know that I LOVE PURPLE ... which would you pick?

    Sunset Blvd in VIOLETTE


    Montaigne Clutch in CASSIS

    Please vote ... TIA:flowers:
  2. sunset blvd
  3. I would pick the montaigne in pomegranate :graucho:

    I would pick the violette sunset since you're getting the passy in cassis (I think i read that in your other post?) I'm not a complete fan of the violette but it's more purple than the cassis and it works great on smaller items like the sunset...
  4. well I like cassis but my first pick is violette... personally I get the sunset blv.
  5. ^^^ yes I am getting the Passy in cassis ... I just like the grenade/pomegranate color in the wallets ... not sure I could pull off such a vibrant color clutch KWIM?
  6. love both but chose the sunset hehe
  7. i'd pick the violette sunset blvd, but i'm biased as i am a vernis freak, lol
  8. OWNERS of the Sunset ... do you use it as a wallet too? TIA!
  9. I don't own either but I'd get the SUNSET BLVD only because you are already getting a Cassis Passy.
  10. sunset in Violette :yes:
  11. I have a beautiful violette sunset
    and I have never used it -- too small :sad:
    -- I bought it before the epi came out.
    If I could do it again - I'd pick the epi - because you can carry more inside.
  12. I think the Sunset Blvd. in violette would be stunning! Good luck in your decision!!
  13. ^^^ That's what I was thinking too ... as much as I love the Sunset, I'm not sure I can put my cell, keys and at least a lipgloss.
  14. Sunset Blvd in VIOLETTE
  15. Sunset Blvd in VIOLETTE :tup: