Please help me pick the perfect LV wallet

  1. Dear LV ladies,
    I would like some advice on which model of the LV wallet I should get. I like the Monogram Canvas because it's nice and strong, won't scratch at all inside my big bag. But I fancy the Epi leather too. Can some of you girls help please? I like something very practical but nice and sleek.
    Thanks very much girls.
  2. How about the pochette wallet in mono? I think it's name is Monogram wallet w/ zip pocket? It's around 495, I think? You can see everything in your wallet at once and it is nice and sleek.
  3. Thanks tr444,
    Yes I know which one you are talking about. What do you think of both the Zippy Purse and Purse International?
  4. I have a compact zippy, it's small & fits in most bags but I will say that a few coins seem to fall out whenever I unzip it. I kind of prefer the snap type coin purse on LV wallets.
    How about a tresor, it's pretty slim.
  5. I am like you, I like a small wallet like the compact, my friend has the same one. But for some reasons I like a long wallet and I have been thinking about the tresor but when it opens up it's so big. I usually carry a lot of coins so I guess the tresor would be good for that. Would you recommend the Zippy Purse?
  6. I am a big fan of the Porte Tresor International.
  7. Hi John 5,
    You don't think the Tresor is too big and bulky? I do like it because it fits some much coins and plently of card space. What is it like when you have coins and cards insided? Is it very fat? I like something nice and slim.
  8. Thanks ValleyOppressed,
    Do you know where I can get pictures of the inside of this Zippy Wallet. Would like to see what the inside looks like.
  9. I have the Nomade Koala and love it! It may not fit your needs though because it is a shorter wallet, but I find it very functional. I have also recently purchased a Cles and Schilling Coin Purse in Epi. Let me tell ya, this leather is indestructible[FONT=&quot][/FONT]! I don't know what type of bag you have, but the Cannelle is a wonderful color to compliment the monogram and damier canvas. Hope this helps!
  10. Thanks Nubiangyrl!
    So you think Epi is just as strong as the Monogram Canvas. I was told the Canvas is the strongest and the best if you are worried about scratches. I am currently using the Fendi Spy bag. It's a huge bag and I don't want my wallet scratched since it will be practically swimming inside my spy hee hee!
    I think I am deciding between a tresor or one of the zippy purses. What do you guys think?
  11. I don't have a canvas wallet, but I have a few LV canvas bags. The Epi feels A LOT stronger than the canvas. This thing won't scratch, bend, wear out any time soon. I described in a previous post how my SA won't allow me to get rid of my Nomade Koala for an Epi Cannelle wallet because she loves the Nomade so much. But, after I discovered the Epi Cannelle (the selling point for me is the color), I was dying to replace all of my pieces with this. It's not a color you will see often. My SA has had to get my pieces transferred in from another store each time I buy something. I decided to forego the monogram accessories because I thought it was too much monogram, but the Epi is the PERFECT compliment to the Mono or Damier canvas. Very understated and classy. I'm VERY happy with this line.
  12. I've been lurking for a couple of months and have been searching for my perfect wallet even longer. I've learned a lot about LV from all of you! My first LV piece was a monogram cles - 2nd was the zippy organizer wallet. I LOVE this wallet!

    Here are some pics - I bought it at the LV shop in Copley Place in Boston.

    The pen slot holds a Cross Pen fine. I turned the checkbook over - but you get the idea.

    Yikes - way past time to buy some polish remover...or get my nails done!

    I don't have a bag from LV (yet) so it travels in a Coach Shoulder Tote, a Lonchamps Backpack, or a Dooney Bourke Double Zip (my practice Alma.)
    lv 001.jpg lv 002.jpg lv 003.jpg lv 004.jpg
  13. Thanks for the pics KKKKate. You use your organiser everyday? Just wondering if it will be too big for me to use everyday that's all. Your wallet certainly looks very oganised. Well-done.