Please help me pick the color of a shawl.

  1. Which color shawl should I get and why, the white/ivory or the Fuschia Khanta shawl?

    I tend to shy away from bold colors. I prefer the safe, neutral colors. When I first saw the ivory Khanta in the "Ode to Hermes Shawls" thread, I was immediately attracted to it. Then, my sister sees a photo of the Fuschia Khanta and how great it looks on H'Bird, she recommends me to get the Fuschia one instead. She says the ivory one is too bland, whereas the green and gold animals/flowers design go extremely well with the Fuschia background. I seem to understand (and perhaps agree with) her, but I am wondering and hesitating. Which color shawl do you think I should choose?

    Last time I asked a similar question, and you all helped me pick the black/Fuschia Occident d'et Orient. Well, I got it, and am very happy with it, thanks to you all. I am sure this time you'll guide me well again. Thanks again for your help in advance.
    white Khanta.JPG Khanta1.JPG
  2. Fuschia Kantha - I love all the bright colors!
  3. The fushia is exciting and will make heads turn. But I think it really boils down to what you want to wear it with and what colors look good on you. I confess that I've gone for bolder colors as the years have passed.
  4. I love both but since you already have the fuchsia/black Od'eO, I suggest the ivory kantha...stunning!
  5. [​IMG]
    This is the one I got. It is stunning. I have to vote for it!
  6. Oh, that's so stunning. Makes me want that color, too. :yahoo:
  7. christaflora, the ivory shawl is beautiful, and to my taste as a "neutral-type" - more versatile. You mentioned you were hesitating on the fuschia and that you tend to shy away from bold colors. I would go with these instincts. Also, your other shawl is black/and fuschia, so you have some of the same bright color there.
  8. Fushia hands down. But it all depends on what works best with your wardrobe and what you feel comfortable with. However, sometimes it's nice to move out of a comfort zone.
  9. Christiflora, fuschia. :smile:
  10. white / ivory
  11. :heart::heart::heart: The Fuchsia......Soooo Much ~ I Want It!!!!!!!
  12. I vote ivory. While both are beautiful, ivory will be more "different" from the black oriental IMO.
  13. Fushia!
  14. I love the fuschia, but "logically" would think the ivory would give you a neutral to work with since you have the PO shawl in black/fuschia as others have mentioned already.
  15. I vote fuchsia! Mine will arrive this week!