Please help me pick! Red snakeskin or blk caviar timeless clutch????

  1. So, I've finally come to the conclusion I want the Timeless Clutch. I have one on hold at my NM, it is a blk caviar--and GORGEOUS. However I saw one on eBay in red snakeskin, that is STUNNING. So now I need the help of some experts :smile:

    1. Is snakeskin really hard to take care of, will it withstand the test of time?

    2. I'm not familiar w/pricing for the clutch in snakeskin, this seller is asking $1999--which seems like a lot to me....but is it a fair price for it???

  2. is it python?
    Python is actually more duravble than it seems, but it can still peel a little of you're rough on it.
    Since I would only use a clutch a couple of times/year, I'd go for the python!
    Python is normally VERY pricey, I don't know it's original retail but it's probably no too far off.
  3. Swanky,

    THANKS for the advice. You know, I'm not sure if it is python?? That is a good question. I will find out.
  4. Red snakeskin. I also think it is probably python.
  5. I'd say black caviar! more practical!
  6. me too, black caviar.
  7. Yes, python is somewhat durable but I am still very careful with my bag. I like mine on the chain (see avatar) - not sure how I would feel if I had to carry it in my hand all night.

    My advice is to see if you can get to a store and feel it in your hand. I really liked the feel of the caviar clutch. For the money you need a test drive!
  8. Do you have a picture of the red clutch?
  9. Here's a photo of the Red Python Clutch (from eBay). I just LOVE that red.....too bad python is sooo pricy.....

  10. Well......drum roll please...............I went with the black caviar!!! :nuts: and I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! M

    My first Chanel and it is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I love how, well, timeless it is!!!

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'm so excited to bring her to lunch tomorrow with the MI PF girls!!!