Please help me pick out what to wear to a job fair

  1. My school is having a job fair this Thursday and I need to find something to wear. It's a job fair for college of fine arts students and I'm going to apply for jobs mostly for art galleries. Anyway, I thought that since it's a job fair for fine arts, I can dress differently like stylish and not too conservative. Your suggestions will be much appreciated! TIA!

    Do you think it's ok to wear this top (DVF Victorian silk blouse) underneath a blazer? I just want to trysomething different from a plain white shirt.

    My other option is just to wear a white shirt with a pucci scraf around my neck or as a tie? What do you think?
  2. I did a History of Art degree and most of the people on my course dressed slightly differently, I definitely wouldn't go in a suit or anything, the outfit above sounds lovely. Show them you like aesthetically pleasing things including clothes!
  3. I like that top!

    You want to look chic and polished but also "creative" as well.

    Good luck!
  4. I like your idea. This blouse will work with a nice black blazer, are you going to wear pants or a skirt ?
  5. Prada's Meadow, I think I'm going to wear pants because it's freezing cold here in Pennsylvania. Ideally, I want to wear a high-waist pencil skirt but I don't want to freeze to death.
  6. ^^ OMG I know, I am in PGH too and I am so sick of this snow! My car is still covered in ice. :sad: