Please help me pick out a watch for my best guy friend!!


Sep 12, 2006
Sexy South Beach, FL is taking part in the program for 50% cashback right now. I'm thinking about getting a watch for my best guy(gay) friend. they are all around $1000> $500 after cashback. which one do you like better - opinions please!!! weil (they have this in with an black dial as well)
thanks so much!


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007

Hmm,gotta say I prefer the Tag.Not huge vast sums in difference in pricing,but I think the Tag will have a better longevity.They tend to be very well built and can take a fair bit of punishment and still look good.
That said,I think your freind would go for the Gucci! I think in this instance buy him the Tag,and don't say a Gucci was in the equation! I have gay friends and they ADORE labels,however I would go for the one with the best build quality (the Tag) he will have it for years,its styling is lovely and classic and he will love you forever for getting him such an amazing gift!!


Apr 16, 2006
Philly area
miamialli - Thanks for the post. I wasn't aware of the offer, I grabbed the white tag link, I liked the black face but hubby has so many black and black face watches it just didn't make sense. I agree your friend might like the Gucci, but I like the Tag better. I have the tag link with black face and diamond bezel and have been really happy with it. In the end I think he will be thrilled that you got him such a nice gift, either the Gucci or the Tag, I agree he'll like the name brands. Please let us know what you decide. Also, since I'm new to bing how long does it take to show up in your account and then how long to get the money.