Please help me pick my next bag!!


Jun 30, 2010
So within the next year or so, my DH and I are planning to buy a house and we both agreed that I should buy my last bag before then. Also, if anyone remembers my last reveal when I purchased my DE NF MM because I won the money for it at the casino well.... It happened again! Yay me! So my budget is $1,200! Here are my specifics:
I do not like anything with vanchetta because I honestly would be too afraid to enjoy it.
I don't like the Eva (I actually do but it would never fit all my needs).
I currently own an Epi Alma and of course, my DE NF MM.
$1,200 isn't exactly an exact amount. It can be a litttlllee more!
And my DH is planning to buy me an Epi Brea and a Mon Mono Speedy (the only vanchetta item I will ever love) in a few years so YAY!

So I am asking all LV experts... Which bag should I get? Please help me because I am a very indecisive person! It took two years for me to get the Alma.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading everyones answers!


Feb 18, 2010
california, usa
a speedy idylle in fusain probably? or a verona PM? the tivoli pm is also a good choice and it ages nicely given proper care, i have one and its almost 3 years old but it looks really nice and clean, it is a smaller monogram piece so perhaps it'll be easier for you to handle it.