Please help me pick my next bag >>> here are the options....

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  1. I allready have a speedy 30 which I love to death! I need a bag that I can wear on the shoulder and by hand.
    I am 5''5 110ish (petite) this will be my second LV purchase. Id like the bag to take me through the day, for running errands, going out for dinner, shopping etc.

    here is what I like so far:

    Mono Palermo PM
    Mono Tivoli GM
    Mono Palermo GM

    Which to choose and why?
  2. Palermo PM because it can be worn both ways. The Tivoli GM and Palermo GM are quite big and I don't think they work as handheld bags :smile:
  3. can the tivoli gm be worn on the shoulder comfortably?
  4. Palermo pm is a MUST HAVE for me!!
    Its also on my wishlist :love:

    I don't think the roll handles on the tivoli is comfortable on the shoulder.
    JMI though ^^
  5. Out of those choices...Palermo PM.
  6. either palermo pm or gm, depend on your height, IMO
  7. Palermo
  8. I'm thinking of getting the Palermo PM! I think the size would fit a lot and would be perfect for any occasion. I've seen the Palermo GM on many girls and I always found it too big and awkward on them.
  9. Palermo PM
  10. Palermo pm!
  11. Anyone have modeling pics of Palermo PM? And what it looks like with the longer strap on the shoulder?
  12. Of your choices, I prefer Palermo PM. Good luck deciding and post pics!
  13. Palermo

  14. Id love to know too!
  15. I have the Palermo GM , Iv had mine since 2007 and I absolutely LOVE it !
    Its a Wonderful bag , I don't find it too big at all (Im 5" 5 and 1/2 ).
    I use it quite often for running errands, shopping etc....., but especially love it while travelling, I took it when my husband & I went to Europe and Im so glad I did as the long shoulder strap which I wore across my body was so comfortable. I wear it many ways....... on my shoulder, across body and on my arm!
    Mostly I love the fact that its big and the space is there when I need it ! Good luck with your choice!