Please help me pick my graduation present to myself! (pics)

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What should be my graduation present?

  1. Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings

  2. Tiffany Rainbow Drops Earrings

  3. Balenciaga Money Wallet in Plomb

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  1. Hey everybody :smile:

    As you can see in my signature, I am writing my Master's thesis right now. I will graduate in December :yahoo:

    Since I've been so overwhelmed with my thesis lately, I decided I should start thinking about how I am going to treat myself one I graduate :P. I will receive a bonus from my company and while I was thinking about paying off part of my student loan with it, my mom thinks I should buy something just for me from the graduation bonus (and I think I have to agree with her LoL).

    Sooo, here are the choices:

    1) Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings (starting at 1000$):
    I really love these! They are classic and I will be able to wear them forever. I think it would be neat to get something classic and wearable for my graduation. I'm not sure which size I'd get. I wonder if .22 carats (.11 each) is too small.

    2) Tiffany Rainbow Drops Earrings (1350$):
    I love how the aquamarine looks! Unfortunately I have never seen these IRL. Something to consider: I probably won't be able to wear these to work. Or at least not very often. BUT... they look so special and it would be nice to have something special to remember my graduation by.

    3) Balenciaga Money Wallet in Plomb or similar color (500-600$ ?):
    Probably the most practical of these choices. I really like this wallet and I need a new wallet. This would be something I would use every day for a couple of years, since I am not one for changing my wallet often (just too much of a hassle IMO). I should mention I would probably buy this wallet anyway in the next couple of months, since my old wallet looks too beaten up for my taste (been using it for over 5 years).

    So what do you think?

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  2. I would buy the diamonds but not from Tiffany.
  3. I agree with bnjj. Congrats on your graduation BTW.
  4. Thank you for your opinion! Why not from Tiffany? Because they are overpriced?
  5. I'm not quite there yet, but thank you! :smile:
  6. Congrats. :tup: I think the ladies are saying this because, you could get a lot more diamond for the money from someplace other than tiffany.
  7. :yes:
  8. I voted for the Tiffany diamond solitaires!:yes:
  9. I've heard that Tiffany diamonds and also the silver pieces are terribly overpriced. I don't know much about diamonds, but if I choose to get diamond studs, I will definitely do some research on the jewelery subforum before I buy anything!
  10. You should try Blue Nile for diamonds- they have great quality stones and reasonable prices!
  11. ^^Thank you! I will look into that :yes:
  12. The Tiffany diamond solitaires! :smile:
  13. Diamond earrings of course.....there is a tad of a difference in prices between those and the wallet.....grab the studs while you can.....get the wallet yourself at a later date;)

    I´d also say that .22 is not too small since you are young. I have 1 carat but I am older although I had smaller ones when I was younger but always wanted bigger so maybe you should give that a thought too...would you want bigger ones later???

    Good luck!
  14. The diamond earrings at least 1 carat
  15. Tiffany diamond earrings.