Please help me pick my first red Chanel!!!

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  1. Hi! I can only buy 1 red Chanel right now so I have to pick between 2 that I LOVE :sad: please help me decide!!!

    Red reissue 227 from 2012

    Red jumbo from 2010?? (It's 13xx series) not sure what year...

    In my collection I have beige jumbo flap with ghw, black reissue 226 with ghw, black stingray Bindi CC tote, pink python 3 flap with shw,

  2. Jumbo!!!!!
  3. I like the deep red of the Jumbo. :love:
  4. red jumbo for sure and I would purchase it before it's gone!
  5. Red jumbo!
  6. yes in AFF, things get snatched as soon as its up. I don't even think anything is available after 1 minute of posting.
  7. Jumbo!
  8. Wow ! No love for the reissue?!? Lol

    Ok just found out its a single flap. Should I still buy it????
  9. I like the reissue more....
  10. Jumbo for sure! That red is pretty!
  11. Or should I just buy one in Paris ??? (going next week!!!)
    It will be more $$$ and they may not have a red jumbo...
  12. The jumbo is on hold now - did you get it? I doubt you'll find a red in Paris because the last red was from fall and I think stock doesn't stay around in Paris. If you didn't get the red jumbo from AFF and you do love the reissue then it'd probably be best to go with that
  13. 2nd one for sure

  14. I bought both but can only keep 1 :smile:
    That was my fear in Paris! That I can't find a red jumbo!! The jumbo is in excellent condition and what I've read is that the red is a perfect red !!!
  15. I usually like reissue but based on these 2 pictures, i'll pick jumbo.