Please Help Me Pick My First Pair of LV Shoes

  1. I'm in serious need of new shoes right now and I've finally narrowed down my list to 2 pairs that I REALLY love. I can't afford to get both at the same time but I can't seem to decide which one to get first.

    I'm torn between the Damier Geant Speeding Sneakers in Terre or the Zephyr Sneakers. Here's a picture of both pairs:


    Damier Geant:
    The Damier Geant's are very neutral so I think they would go with pretty much everything or for different occasions (and I've been lusting over them since last year!) but the Zephyr's are sooooooooooo pretty! :wtf:

    Anyways please help me haha! Thanks! :heart:
  2. I prefer the damier one's
  3. I'd get the Zephyr sneakers... they're soooo hot, and I'm thinking about getting a pair myself!
  4. I like the Zephyr's also.
  5. yeah sorry. I sent him a PM to ask his permission. Until then, I used other pictures.
  6. I agree with Jon and JuiceBox, the Zephyrs are a great looking pair of shoes.
  7. I love them both - only comment is if you plan to use them outside much, the Damier may need more TLC if that is suede at the bottom, the others look all leather and may be a bit more tolerant of outdoors. Absolutely love them both, Damier is so classic and timeless though and would be my choice. But just going on initial looks, and the fact they dont have suede on them - Zephyrs :smile: Lol
  8. Go ahead, use my picture if it helps, thats what it is there for. Also when I got my DG speeding he told me that in my size there were only 12 pairs left in the US and that they would be pulling the shoe off the shelf soon but who knows... so I went for it and I am so GLAD I have it.
  9. oh the Damier's do have Suede. I guess they would better suited for good weather/indoors then. hmmm

    PS - I wish I could go to the Banff meeting haha. I'm stuck in boring Ottawa :sad:
  10. I love the zephyr
  11. No wonder you are having such a hard time deciding....I would too !!
    They are BOTH great sneakers....
    The Zephyrs are playful and casual, trendy and fun...
    The Damiers are classic and neutral, a bit more serious....
    I guess it depends on your personality and whether you plan on wearing them
    with dressier pants or just jeans all the time? !!!
  12. Zephyrs
  13. Another vote for Zephyrs!
  14. I would go for damier geant as it is flexible.
    you can wear it from casual to play.
    i'd choose it because you are only able for 1 out of the two, but the Zephrs are definately hot but that could come later
  15. Zephyr! I want them in pink, they are coming out soon, YEA!