*Please help me pick my first Empreinte bag*

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  1. I have mono and DE so I am looking to buy my first Empreinte bag..I am nervous as I have not seen any in person except the speedy which is small. I found a pre-lvoed Inspiree but not sure of the shape....I thought maybe a Lumi pm? I am nervous to spend soooo much money and worried about how durable the leather is and color transfer. TIA!
  2. What do you think about the Empreinte Artsy? I think it's very very durable but then again I'm very careful not to rub up against stuff. The weight is okay to me, but it can get heavy if carried all day.. Good Luck Deciding!
  3. I personally love the Lumi. I think you should definitely go for that . Its beautiful :smile:
  4. I thought about it but wanted to get that one in the mono. I do not use open top bags much but thought I could use the mono one for work.
  5. I've owned the artsy, lumi and audacieuse. I thought hard about the speedy but it is just too small for me. I love the artsy but it got very heavy if you were carrying it for a length of time.
    I love the lumi but the audacieuse mm is my fav. It's just an amazing bag in every way. Comfort, beauty, weight..... it's my perfect bag. Shoulder carry and even cross body.
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    I think you dont like it, but I like the citadine, I saw it on Penelope Cruz in a magazine in blue. Later went to see it at the store. But I was afraid to spend that much money in a single bag, then later bought two Kusamas in the same week, contradictions, contradictions :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
    A friend of mine has it in brown, I tested it in her house and loved the leather is sturdy and at the same time soft....
  7. I had the mono one a while back and loved it just as much .... plus you'll save a ton!
  8. I have the inspiree, artsy and had the lumineuse previously. Style wise, I think the lumineuse is better than the inspiree..

    The empirente leather is incredibly durable! I haven't had any issues with it, other than the sealant on the lumi.
  9. It is a lot of money but you're paying for an ALL LEATHER bag. I have a few canvas bags that I love such as the Gallieras, MC speedy but I prefer leather. Looking at your collection, it's time to a leather bag to your collection. I would pick the Artsy or Lumi.
  10. I personally love the Lumi the best! :biggrin: I think it is the most functional & best looking style in the Empreinte line.
  11. Empreinte is very durable, but I would stay away from the neige if you're worried about color transfer..the other colors are all pretty safe. My favorite styles are the artsy, audacieuse, and speedy...have fun deciding!
  12. I like the lumi pm...
    It's a nice bag with so many carry options.
    I am thinking to get one when I am visiting Paris end of this month.
  13. I love empreinte...especially artsy. I used to love lumi,but since it has the sealent issue, it changes my mind. Plus, IMO, the strap is way too thin for a big bag, that when i see it irl, it feels off balance.

    As for the leather, empreinte is very durable. I this it's the most durable leather from LV. Unscratchable at all...

    GL deciding.
  14. You are the second person to mention a sealant issue on the bag in this post. What were the issues?
  15. Lumi is the nicest IMO :smile: