Please help me pick my first Chanel bag

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Which one should i get

  1. Patent leather Bordeaux Flap

  2. Red wine Reissue 226 Flap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello everyone in Chanel forum,

    I regularly in LV forum and this is my first time in Chanel forum. When i saw you ladies with your Chanel i absolutely love love them.
    I am looking for Chanel night out purse and I love red colors, so hard for me to decide between Patent leather Bordeaux Medium flap and Red Wine Reissue 226 flap. I know that very hard to find them since red colors were sold out years ago but i will try on Ebay.
    You ladies please help me chose the best one for me as my first Chanel.

    I am 32
    5'2-104 lbs.

    Thank you and you have a great weekend.:heart:

  2. I have a patent bordeaux and I love it sooo much! It's stunning IRL. That's my pick!
  3. patent bordeaux
  4. Patent leather Bordeaux Flap
  5. i have the patent bordeaux and love it. however, the 226 is roomier so it might be more practical as an everyday bag.
  6. Another vote for the patent bordeaux. It is sooooooooo gorgy IRL. One of my favorite flaps!
  7. ITA w/everyone. Patent Bordeaux is stunning!:heart:
  8. Another vote for bordeaux patent flap - the colour is simply stunning and will certainly turn heads!