Please help me pick my 2nd Blue

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  1. I've already have this blue, EB Work. Then I bought Sky Blue Work, Sky Blue City, and Turqoise City but I'll keep only one. EB Work is definitely a must for me. What could be my 2nd blue? I have 4 Works, 2 Twiggy, 1 P/T, and 1 City. I'm kind of leaning towards Turqoise but Sky Blue is very sweet too. So, which would be your 2nd Blue among Sky Blue Work, Sky Blue City, or Turqoise City? TIA.:s
  2. I saw them both together today... I would go with the Turqoise...
  3. I would go for Turqoise as well. It looks so gorgeous ... a really nice pop of colour.
  4. Turqoise city!
  5. Definitely not the Sky Blue Work b/c you already have 4/5 (?) Works.

    Out of the Sky Blue and Turq City which has better leather :confused1: I would keep whichever has better leather - BUT if you're leaning towards the Turq you should keep that. I saw it IRL yesterday & I dug it. It's very pretty.
  6. I would go for the turquoise :smile:
  7. Another Turq vote here. :yes:
  8. I will choose Turq too!
  9. turq, i saw it irl and it's stunning
  10. Turquoise! I love mine!
  11. I vote for Turquoise City. More 'pop' than Sky Blue and you already have a blue Work.
  12. i would definitely vote for turquoise!
  13. Another turq. city!
  14. which has the best leather? i woudl say the turq unless another one of the leathers is good!
  15. another vote for the turqy too :smile: