Please help me pick my 1st LV bag!!

  1. After many months of indecision, I still do not know what bag would be the best choice as my first LV purchase. I'm sure I'll carry it everyday for a few months, then I always like to rotate to other bags. So the dilemma is, do I pick a monogram canvas shoulder LV bag or the Speedy 30? I love the Speedy 30, but I'm thinking a shoulder bag would be more convenient to carry around for everyday use. The Cabas Piano looked/felt too small for me when I tried it on, and the Bagtinolles Horizontal seems too wide. Geez, I feel like I'm going crazy trying to decide!! :wacko: I know I can always buy another LV bag later on, but for my FIRST LV bag, should it be Speedy 30 or BH? FYI, I'm 5'6 and a size 8. Thank you so much for your advice/suggestions! :biggrin:
  2. Did you get a chance to try the batignolles vertical as well ? I prefer the shape of that over the horizontal. And I prefer shoulder bags, it's probably more a matter of personal preference, and since you've narrowed it down to two bags, you're almost set ! Would you like a shoulder or a handheld bag ?
  3. BH - hands down!! I have it and I am 5'7 ,size 6
  4. BV or BH would be your best bet if you're looking for style and convenience. If you don't mind carrying around a handbag all day, then I'd say go w/ the Speedy.
  5. So you don't think the BH is too wide? How does it look on? I didn't get a chance to see that one at the LV store, but when I go back I'll try it. Thanks!!
  6. BH for sure! I've been lusting over it for a while!
  7. I love the speedy the best but it really depends on whether you like shoulder or handbags. What do you usually use? If it is the first time with a handbag it might be awkward for you. Either the speedy or the BH or BV are all beautiful choices I think. If you can go to the boutique then you can try them on.
  8. I agree with everyone. It depends on what your looking for (shoulder or arm)

    When I made my choice, it was a matter of what I didn't have. All my bags are shoulder so I went with the speedy.
  9. Well I'm also planning on buying a Gucci Horsebit (large) after I buy the LV, so maybe it's OK to buy the Speedy. For some reason I think my instinct is to go with the Speedy, but then my friend was pointing out that it's nicer to have a shoulder bag, etc. etc. The other bags I have right now are all handheld, and that was getting to be annoying, but I think the Speedy is so special that I won't mind carrying it around all day! I know I'm probably over-analyzing a little too much, but isn't that what we're here for?? : )
  10. speedy 30!!
    cute and classic and chic!!
  11. i'm going to have to say speedy 30 - i totally love mine and yes its such a classic!!!
  13. Speedy 30 for me. It made me fall in love with handheld bags too. If you're looking for a shoulder bag, get the BH instead cause you won't be happy with the Speedy then.
  14. I have both (BH and Speedy), and I find the Speedy very convenient. It holds a ton, and even though it is handheld it's practical.
  15. Agreed.