Please help me pick GGH Sang PT or RH Sahara work

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  1. Hi again everyone I am thinking of getting my first RH Work and the only color combo I like right now is Sahara. I do have the chance though right now to get a GGH Sang PT. I love Giant hardware. I currently have GGH Anthracite PT, GGH Black Work, GSH Blue Roi Work, and GSH Sahara PT. I will be getting the Ardoise Work to. I am a little afraid to pass on the GGH Sang since GGH is going away and I have been looking for a true red bag for along time. Also I have Sahara in a PT but I love the color. My sa also was nice enough to find me a RH Sahara work that is thick but is a little dry. I don't know how the Rh wear's compared to the GH bags? I am very casual jean's and tee's will the Sang go with alot? What do you think? Thanks again guys:biggrin:
  2. I love sang, so i'd go for it!
    altough i do have a sahara work which i love to death.
  3. I love Sang.
  4. I will say go for sang, 200%!!! such a gorgeous red!
  5. I have Sahara and Sang, but since you already have a Sahara I would go for Sang. It's the perfect red!!
  6. I would also say Sang because:
    - as you said you may not be able to get GGH with 'red' so easily
    - Sang is a gorgeous true 'red' IMO
    - & you already have a Sahara.

    Like Fashion1 I too have both of these colours ( Sahara RH & Sang RGGH ). I find that the Sang RGGH does tend to look a little 'dressier' but it still looks great with casual wear.

    Good luck! :smile:
  7. I have both Sahara GGH City and Sang RGGH City and I love both.....!!!
    Both colors are so versatile so can wear with practically everything and anytime.
    I personally don't like to combine red with gold as again, it looks Chinese New year but GGH is elusive so.....
    It's a matter of if you are ok to have a red/gold combo then go for it!!!!!!
    love, love sang and...sahara!!!
  8. I say GGH Sang PT. I say that for several reasons.

    1~ you love giant hardware.

    2~ you've been searching for a red bag

    3~ You already have something in Sahara so your not missing out on the color

    I think the Sahara work would be a great casual bag. However based on the very small swatch that I've seen on TPF of Androise I think that will be a beautiful neutral. Which is why I say go for the Sang now and you'll have your neutral later when Androise comes out.
  9. I'll pick Sang GGH PT
  10. No question....Sang.
  11. Sang :love:
  12. Voted for PT Sang GGH :biggrin:
  13. Sang GGH is gorgeous!
  14. sang GGH!
  15. Sang!