Please help me pick between these two beauties

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  1. IMG_9020.jpg

    Okay so I’m narrowing my choices to these two bag for Christmas/Birthday present to myself in December.

    This will not be my everyday bag but more for going out with little dress-up during the day.

    Please share your thoughts and which one would you pick?

    Thanks so much and love you all!
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  2. I think the top one (with chains) has way too much going on. It will soon look like a novelty item, which it is.
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  3. I do not like the white next to the brown on the top one - the bottom one looks more classic - BUT - it all comes down to what YOU like.
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  4. I may be biased but I’d personally take the Double V because I got one myself months ago in the Lie de vin color. It looks every classic and elegant when it’s opened up and can be worn different ways.

    The other bag looks a bit trendy but then again, I do think it depends on your age bracket and what kind of look you’re going for.

    IMG_8131.jpg IMG_8132.jpg
  5. I like both in different ways and that's the problem. :smile:
  6. Thanks so much for the photos. I like both bags and these two fall into the "unique" bag category that I'm looking for. I feel like the Double V might be little too big for my purpose but the Twist is too similar to my Chanel ML Classic Flaps BUT this is Louis Vuitton bag that's why I'm confused.
    I'm in my early 40s so does it make any difference? I think the Double V might be more my age appropriate but I like the Twist too even though few people I asked do not like the White V stripe.
  7. I like the second one.
  8. I'll be the odd one here, but I prefer the Twist, even though I like both. However, if the Twist will fall into the same category of some bags that you already own, I'd go for the Double V. I love than it can be worn different ways, it makes it feel like you own two different bags!
  9. Not odd at all! :smile: Thanks for your input.
    I like this Twist more than the solid Black Epi because of its details but a lot of people are not fond of the design and they think it's too much going on or too loud. I feel the solid Black Twist is too "plain" for my taste and I will get bored very quick with something that's so plain.
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  10. I like the bottom one.
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  11. The bottom one. Can’t say I like the top one at all but it’s got to be the one you like.
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  12. The Twist!
  13. I don’t like the twist.
  14. I like the first one!
  15. The second one