Please help me pick an Act 2 mini!

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Which mini should I get?

  1. Black lambskin mini

  2. Black chevron caviar mini

  3. Red lambskin mini

  4. Bright blue lambskin mini

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for all of your helpful responses to my earlier thread (re: selling my other bags to fund Chanel). I've decided that I will spring for one of the new Act 2 minis... but need help on deciding which one to go for. I just bought a rectangular Coco Pleats mini in navy ( so won't be going for another navy mini. I know it's also supposed to come in a light pink, but I'm wary of getting a lambskin bag in such a light colour. Below are my thoughts on the black, bright blue and red minis:

    1. Black lambskin mini: instinctively, I really want a black mini as this is the color that will go with everything. However, I already have a black caviar classic WOC with GHW... will it be too similar to a lambskin mini with SHW? I also have two other black Chanel bags (jumbo and a camera bag). I also generally prefer caviar (or calfskin) bags but am interested in buying a lambskin bag for the sake of diversity. My SA suggested that a smaller lambskin bag is less problematic as it's less likely to bump into corners etc.

    2. Black chevron caviar mini: I have a red chevron old medium boy from 2015 Act 2 and love it, but I prefer the classic quilted look. But this is caviar...

    3. Red lambskin mini: I'd have to see the red mini in person, but am wondering if it's too similar to the red chevron boy (here is a link to a picture (credit goes to JE2824... too lazy to take one at this hour!) as they are both smaller red bags. However, I think that the red mini is quite a bit brighter than the boy, so they might be sufficiently different?

    4. Bright blue mini: Again, would have to see this in person. I know it's quite different from my navy mini, but it seems like it might be overkill to have two blue minis...

    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. #2 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    How about diversifying ur collection and picking another color u don't already have? Otherwise, I vote Black lamb Mini w SHW bc it is not similar to ur Black caviar WOC w GHW at all.

    Good lucking deciding! :smile:
  3. Didn't you want a work tote that you'll use more?
  4. I do but square minis are really hard to get here. The remaining funds will be used for an executive tote.

  5. Thanks! I would love a purple one, but those seem to be pretty uncommon. I unfortunately missed the one that came out with Cruise (I think?). I actually have a decent amount of colour in my Chanel collection (the red boy, the navy coco pleats mini and a forest green 226), as well as a couple of beige/champagne bags (GST and WOC).

  6. This probably won't help you, but I've seen the purple one, square lambskin with SHW, and another purple in patent, here in Athens. I read recently with excitement & defeat that MY black lamb rect is out in London, but that certainly doesn't help me here!

    I vote red, blue, then black square mini, in this order and depending on your approval of the colors.
  7. Aw, I'm jealous! That sounds beautiful. I'm sure your black lamb rect mini will make its way to you :smile:

    And thanks for the input!
  8. Go for the chevron caviar. I saw the black caviar chevron in person and it is lovely. Did you see the photo of blue chevron caviar mini posted in the Mini Thread? It is stunning and definitely different than your coco pleat

  9. I don't think square minis are hard to get

    They are less popular than rectangular ones and in general don't sell out as fast.

    IMO you should get what you really need! This may not be what you want to hear but it seems none of the options you listed is something you'll jump right on without hesitation. That is usually a signal

  10. I actually ended up buying the only blue mini in store and dropped by the other boutique to see what they had. I actually fell in love with the last black square mini in the boutique and did an exchange.

    Minis of any kind are really hard to get in Canada! Today is launch day and there were very few classic minis left when I left the store thirty mins ago.
  11. congrats! can't wait to see your reveal. you are absolutely right, everything is REALLY hard to get here.

  12. Thank you! Will be doing a reveal of the mini (and my other item!) tonight or tomorrow :biggrin:
  13. oh my such a tease. :P can't wait! i'm headed downtown, so might swing by.

    saw your other thread, yes the SA usually loose the commission. and you can usually see it on the exchange receipt, it shows the original sales person number, and the new sales person number.

  14. If I were you, I would go right away. I think the only item that was left at the Bloor location was the black chevron mini.

    And thank you - that's annoying, because it's fundamentally the same item! I am going to apologize to her.
  15. I agree, square minis are super hard to find in Canada. Went to the Chanel store on Bloor bright and early but they didn't have the classic quilted caviar one :sad: already expected that because my SA told me so but was still hoping otherwise. Congratulations on your bag!