!! please help me pick a WHITE chanel bag...

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  1. hi, i need some help with white chanel bag, i'm planning to buy one, what's perforated? caviar? what's more durable, more scratch proof.. i'm a mother of 2.. is the inner leather color maroon.. i've seen some in maroon does it mean its the older model? the serial number is 9395*** (7 digits), please share your thoughts about this..... especially those who own a white :girlsigh: thanks for helping
  2. I would go for a white jumbo classic flap in caviar. I've heard that it is pretty easy to maintain.
  3. i have a classic flap in caviar and love it, it's really easy to maintain. it's definitely smart to go with caviar since it's the easiest to keep clean and take care of. if you need more space for your things, maybe you can look at a jumbo flap or gst in white.

  4. :yes:
  5. are you talking about a flap bag?
    Perforated means it has tiny holes in it, kind of like a leather car seat :p
    Caviar is a pebbley textured leather and is Chanel's most durable.
  6. I love my white jumbo in caviar.
  7. I also suggest the white caviar Jumbo flap! :smile: I'm waiting for mine to arrive. ANYTIME NOW!!!

    If you want a perforated one, there's a white Jumbo in perforated leather! It's super cute and more casual.
  8. I hear "white chanel bag" I automatically think of a WHITE JUMBO.
  9. I will still prefer the caviar white jumbo...gorgeous!

    Not a fans for perforated leather~~
  10. Ditto, I just got this bag and I adore it sooo mcuh. :yes:

    The bags with the inner red lining are lambskin. :yes:
  11. I would say Caviar Jumbo or GST in white maybe?!
  12. I LOOOOOVE white flaps. A lot of the ladies here have jumbos, I have a medium/large myself. The caviar leather is very easy to take care of and it just looks amazing with so many different outfits!
  13. stark white caviar jumbo is amazinggg!!
  14. I like the white mm lock with new chain, of course, in jumbo size!
  15. A white GST is great for a mom.