Please help me pick a wedding band

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  1. Hi all, I fell in love with 2 completely different wedding bands and now I can't decide with one to go with... one is round eternity and the other is radiant cut eternity. Help me pick please:smile: I seriously love both, but leaning towards radiants because its different and looks pretty cool. Rounds look elegant and classic... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392859711.589398.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392859720.650399.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392859728.479211.jpg
  2. I think both are beautiful, however, have you considered a thinner band? Your e-ring is so beautiful and I think the thickness of these two bands detracts from it. Just my opinion though-I'm curious what others have to say about it :cool:
  3. I like #2 better
  4. This is EXACTLY what I was just gonna say. Two super thin eternities would be cool, or just even one the same width that matches your shank of your engagement ring.
  5. I very much prefer #2. The sparkle factor is much, much higher.
  6. I don't want a thinner ring. I always pictured a big significant wedding band:smile: I don't know anymore . 80% of people I asked said round... but I get a feeling it's because it looks like they supposed to go together, same exact styles... but I like the uniqueness of the radiant cut, it's feels and looks more substantial and expensive.
  7. Get what makes you happy!

    My reason for suggesting this is that it makes your center stone look smaller than it's significant carat weight. And it's a REALLY nice diamond of significant size. That to me is the showpiece of this set and I feel like a wider band is going to dwarf it, and make it kind of "blend in" to its surroundings.
  8. This is tough because he radiant is gorgeous too...I'm not a matchy girl at all but I'm liking the round better with your ring..maybe because of the width
  9. #2
  10. Thank you ladies for trying to help me.
    I'm completely torn. maybe I should go with rounds and get the radiants on an anniversary ...
    I favor the radiants still, the band is gorgeous! Round one does look more elegant and in harmony with my e-ring. But radiant has the wow factor.
  11. Yes! Get that radiant for yr anniverssry...wear it on your right hand and then u can slip it on with your ering g if u get the urge...:smile:
  12. I love it when wedding bands can be worn alone and still look amazing. Even though #2 is very harmonious, I love the look of #1!
  13. Both are stunning. I would prefer #2 though... Looks gorgeous without taking away from your engagement ring. Good luck with your decision!
  14. I would get the radiant band.
  15. you think the round will sparkle more?