Please Help Me Pick A Wallet

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  1. HELP! a wallet for a male... which one? and what canvas?
    1. Porte Valeurs Organiser - PVO
    2. Pocket Agenda(using it as a agenda on one side, n a bill holder on the other)
    3. Passport Cover (use side slots to hold cash n cards)
    4. what else is there?

    links with pics

  2. I'd go for the Mono Brazza wallet. :yes:
  3. I choose the Pocket Agenda in Damier..... I want to get one!
  4. I'm not really familiar on the mens wallets but I'd do the Damier, think it looks the best for a guy
  5. Damier, Tiaga, Utah and Epi are great lines for the gents. For long wallet, I'd go w/Brazza Damier, short I'd go w/something in Tiaga. but it really depends on long/short, casual/business, bold fashion/understated, as well as price range
  6. ITA. Can you provide any further info? Roughly how many cards do you carry? Do you carry change? Do you have to have a flat bill slot or do you not mind folding your cash up? etc etc
  7. Yes the brazza is a great choice and a practical one...Also I have the koala in azur...It's very practical...If you don't mind the gold lock you can buy it in damier ebene.:tup:
  8. Another vote for the lovely Damier Brazza here!
  9. i def. carry less then 4, n i dun carry change, not a fan, i dislike folding bills up, but if i have to i will, thats why i want something along the lines of brazza n PVO... im thinking of the pvo, i dun need that many pockets that the brazza offers.
  10. Yup, the the PVO is the best option. Go with taiga (either black or brown), epi black, damier or mono, the utah one looks nice also. But, that has nine credit card slots, as opposed to 6 slots in the ones mentioned before. HTH, and post pics when you get it please!!
  11. ye im going TMRW!!!!! i think ill be getting the PVO... ill post it as soon as i get it! that is if they have it in stock... hopefully they do, or ill be very upset, lol. thxs members for the advice!
  12. i will go for Brazza ...