please help me pick a vernis wallet!

  1. I really would like to get a vernis wallet (I've been saving some $$) and I like the koala - what do you think?
    Also, do any owners of Perle think it gets dirty easily? I really like the framboise koala wallet but any suggestions would be great!
  2. My suggestion was going to be the framboise vernis koala. Let-trade has an adorable one for sale right now!

    Forgot to mention. I have a vernis framboise agenda I have used for months now (every day) not one sign of dirt! I love it!!
  3. i have the Perle Bedford, and i haven't had any problems with it yet. although if it were a wallet, i'd be afraid of the color transfer from other items that would be knocked around with it inside a bag, and of scuffs and scratches too.

    that being said, i like the French Purse the most in the Vernis line. i don't like the triangle-shaped lock for the Koala wallet
  4. The Vernis Koala would be great. But i wouldn't buy it in perle, too much risk that it becomes dirty. Go for a darker one, like the Framboise.
  5. Koala in Vernis so tdf... What colors do you like or wear?
  6. i wear lots of neutral colors mostly denim or khaki, brown, black, white, .... but i love pink... hmmm decisions decisions
  7. I have the PTI and the Ludlow in Vernis (bronze for the Ludlow and peppermint and fuchsia for the PTIs), but I get the most use out of the PTIs, for sure.
  8. I love Koalas so much, I own two.
  9. My favorite is the pochette wallet :love:
  10. ranskimme: THANK YOU i think thats the one... :smile:
  11. Koala sounds great, best of luck if you get it off of let-trade, I've had nothing but satisfaction from them :biggrin:
  12. I like the koala.
  13. yay! just ordered a frambroise koala off lettrade i can't wait for it to get here!!! thanks girls~
  14. koala is a good choice....i love it!
  15. the pochette wallet. in a neutral if you are that kind of girl.
    OR in the new omigod amazing pee my pants im so excited POMME D"AMOUR!