Please help me pick a Scarf:LV or MQueen?


Which one should I buy? LV or McQueen?

  1. LV Scarf

  2. McQueen: Blue

  3. McQueen: Red

  4. McQueen: Back

  5. McQueen: White

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  1. I just can't decide!I wear a lot of white, black, dark jeans and grey. My accessories are usually a bit more colourful:smile:

    Thanks so much!:flowers::heart:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I just can't decide either. They are both equally TDF. You should just get both. :yes: :p
  4. hmm thats tricky..I like the blue color and design of Mcqueen better but I feel like I've seen it around too much. The LV is hot and I haven't seen it on like every single celeb in hollywood. So my votes on the LV, both are hot though!
  5. I prefer LV!
  6. Thanks so much for you responses!:yes:

    Do you think the McQueen scarfs would be chic enough to wear to the office?
  7. Anyone?:yes:
  8. McQueens white! I like that skully scarf! LV scarf is pretty but seems to me kinda old, outdated. Good luck!
  9. I have a skull scarf and also the LV one in cashmere...I wear both to the office and casually
  10. Thanks for your responses:yes:- I might have to get the red LV one and the blue McQueen one:love:
  11. I really like the shade of the blue McQueen :smile: It works nicely if you are a blonde. Not a fan of the LV though...
  12. I think the Mcqueen scarf is a trend but the LV scarf you will be able to wear for years to come, my vote is for LV
  13. ITA.
  14. Thank s o much, ladies- I really appreciate it!:flowers::heart:I have finally decided to definitely get the Red LV one and the Blue Skull one by McQueen!:yahoo:
  15. mc queen white or blue