Please Help Me Pick A New Watch

  1. I am in the market for a new watch. My budge for this watch is $1000-$1500. I have never really spent more than $400 or a watch before.

    I have been looking at the Tag's, Omega's and Gucci's.

    Can you recommend a great watch that would last a very long time? Can you give the pros and cons of the above listed watches or the watch that you have?

    I have always had watches with a battery or wind up (from years ago). I understand that some of them actually work by a person's movement. Not sure if that is true and I didn't ask that to the jewelry store yet.

    Any help would be appreciated. I know much more about handbags than I do watches. I just want to get a great watch.

    I work at an office through the week, so this watch can be semi-casual too.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. ^^Thank you for your input.
  3. Personally, I would eliminate Gucci right off the bat. Most watch collectors prefer the quality and craftsmanship from traditional watchmakers instead of from fashion designers.
  4. Could you possibly go a little higher and get a Cartier Tank Solo?

  5. Watch talking :nuts: I love that ! ;)

    My advice is pick the watch you like the most and don't hesitate to try several. Of course it's always good to have other people opinions.

    Maybe you could post some pictures of some models you have spotted?

    I'm looking for a watch myself so if the forum rules allow it I could post some pics. :yes:

    Tag heuer and Omega are nice brands. Gucci is a little more a fashion brand than a watch brand. But they also got great designs.

    The question is what are you looking for in a watch?

    Design, color, fashion, diamonds, leather, steel, mechanism ??
  6. I am partial to Movado because the ones I own have never needed anything more than a battery (oldest is almost 20 years). When I watch shop, I buy what I can dress up or down so they work in just about any situation. My first was a two tone so I could wear it with yellow gold, white gold, silver, etc. I still wear that one the most. I agree with looking around, trying on several, imagining them in all situations and whatever feels the most comfortable and seems the most versitile, (and of course looks the best) grab it.

  7. ^^Can you make any recommendations? Thanks!

  8. ^^I am likig this watch. How much is it?

  9. ^^I doubt that I could afford a watch with alot of diamonds in it. I do like many of the steel watches. I want a watch that I can wear everyday and it will be reliable.
  10. ^^I haven't checked these out yet. We have a Movado outlet near us, so maybe I'll do that over the weekend. Thanks.
  11. This is probably below your range, but I really want a Citizen watch because you never have to replace the battery.